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Suarez is just so entertaining. His antics crack me up, and I'm just baffled at how impulsive he is. The double-standards that some people display are ridiculou...
Mexes is not solid. He's absolutely rubbish for club and country. If Koscielny doesn't start, France aren't going anywhere in this tournament.
I hope Korea continue to be s**t. They don't deserve success when they exclude their nation's best player because of their silly politics and forced conscriptio...
Dtouch, he was replaced with an injury in this game, that's why.
Tomikato's comment was posted 15 minutes ago. That's about the same time you started supporting Man City, isn't it?
Wow...the footytube crowd are so fickle and stupid. Liverpool awesome? They were utter s**t until Carroll came on, ie the majority of the game. Not to mention t...
Torres will be starting against Barcelona...
6 years ago
I'm a diehard Arsenal supporter, and hate Chelsea, but I know there's only one team I'm going to support now in the Champions League. Chelsea, make me proud and...
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@SrpskiCevap, Mate he can't even spell "lose".
To the Liverpool fan; you really don't understand UEFA coefficients do you?
As much as I dislike Chelsea, I am always rooting for the EPL lads in Europe. Chelsea are our last hope, and I'm glad they dispatched of Napoli. I hope they tak...
They had 4 shots to Arsenal's 23. I voted lucky because they were lucky to score first, and lucky Krul was making some good saves. It shouldn't have been so clo...
Wow, the scoreline was flattering to Man Utd. It should have been 2-5 at least. Great performance by Bilbao, I'm sure their fans will be delirious right now. Th...
Rofl nice find. I was throwing up after RVP's miss too.
Mate, are you twelve? First, turn off caps lock. Second, how long have you been using footytube to still not realise they aren't hosting videos, let alone MAKIN...
No s**t, a 0-0 draw isn't good. A 3-0 victory is huge. Do you understand? You can't seem to grasp that it's the context of the game which is a victory, not the ...
Yeah, because beating the best Italian team 3-0 is easy. Please go.
Could not wait for the "four-nil, and you f****d it up four-nil!" chants if we scored again...
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