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RickTheGod (Richard James Smith) from Lincoln, England
Senthil (Senthil Kumar) from Chennai, India
I was funny cool and sometimes be clever.i like chelsea very much from 12 yrs old.careless fellow, funny ,editing my profile whenever i get bored, giving slaps to younger bro's,moo ...
Sheku (Sheku Politopoulos) Greece
Stigol (Robert Osei-danso) from Sydney, Australia
Uuddiipp (Udip Burja Magar) from Ashford, England
Xhaikh (Hammad)
If you like me , raise your hands.. if not, then raise your standards..
Yogan (Joseph Connolly) from Derby, England
I'm 15 now. Time passes *sniff*
Yonas (Yonas Tesfay) from Mississauga, Canada
Hi Eveyone, my name is yonas and i love football P.S: Chelsea rules
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