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Ezsmith nominated A. Ramsey (59') for Goal of the Week
4 years ago
Ezsmith nominated T. Walcott (65') for Goal of the Week
Ezsmith nominated A. Ramsey (67') for Goal of the Week
Lol at people who is dumb enough to think Welbeck has it against top team
Ezsmith nominated O. Giroud (23') for Goal of the Week
And that is how sore loser Bayern fans exist. Thank you for showing up
5 years ago
People would get cancer reading post from Bayern13. Utter rubbish
Bayern win this game with shame. Delaying time like loser. Please don't talk about player missing. We have a few of our best player missing on the pitch too. Wi...
Watched the match yesterday. Suarez didn't dive. Clearly there is a contact. Bale was a better diver. Didn't know soft touch on your face can lead you to the gr...
Shut your mouth Franky4fingers. You don't know anything about football. Look at Borussia Dortmund and Montpellier. Playing good football without spending much c...
Chelshit who play boring football is gonna lose in Champion league to Bayern Munich and lose their CL spot.
6 years ago
Chelsea had a few lucky win and u didnt deserve it so shut it
Maybe because Suarez dived too many times and therefore the referee has been harsh on giving him penalty :D
Torres might be involve in creating goals but its better to score.. That is why Messi and Ronaldo are on different level from him :)
Man City has no shame.. Vow not to play Tevez and where is he today? Thats funny, haha..
Suarez is quality.. Like him :)
Nope.. Barca and Madrid is still a two horse race..Bilbao is slimpy not good enough.. Its just that Man U is playing very bad in this game
Shervin is a dumb s**t and is such a disgrace to Man United
Charlie Adam and Caroll is totally awful
Sorry to say but Messi is nowhere near to Zidane level.. But yes, Messi is definitely talented
Omarsalahsalem is so stupid.. Arsenal is freaking tired from the liverpool match and we have a lot of players injured too.. dun say as if Milan has more injury ...
Please dun talk crap unless u got watch the full match
Man United so arrogant.. No difference from Man Shiity.. This incident made me hate Man U more..
Totally agree.. Alex Song vision is really good
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