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As a midfielder, I specialize my skill set as a center defensive-mid tactician, but I can make passes as a playmaker and often rotate outside to the wings for crosses! My playin ...
Alym09 (Aleem)
Ariyanti (Ariyanti_mr) from Palu, Indonesia
I love watching a football match since 2000 (when I was 14 years old). It may be stated too late. hihihiy :) Btw, I want to have extra money to buy a better coach and buy some play ...
Athewin (Edwin)
Chritiano (Angelo Dookie) from San Juan, Trinidad & Tobago
Finding friends and having fun adding lots of ppl and making friends
Deermud (Diarmuid Cosgrove)
Euisfatimah (Euis Ariyansyah)
Ibnuadham (Ibnu Adham Al Faqih)
LordLloyd (Lloyd) from SF, USA
Matt (Matt Jackson) from St Julians, Malta
and England
In case you were wondering I was born in Southampton and lived there most my life. Hence my heart lies with a football team which seems keen on ripping it out.
Rimbo (Yeh Rim Han)
Shuds (Sudarshan) from Chennai, India
Stevao (Stevano) from BHV, DE
Maradonna good> pele better> GEORGE BEST..!! i used to work in the world famous harland and wolff shipyard in belfast, were the titanic was built, and no, i had nothing to do wi ...
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