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Evexo - I appreciate your comment was done on the Real Madrid forum but excessive spam in mentioning 'clowns' is a little silly don't you think? DTaDiablo
6 days ago
Thank you!
1 week ago
Good quality link to the game anyone? i'm watching it in Russian atm...no, i don't even speak it. :|
Yes fifa is scripted this shouldn't even be questioned. i think the 45th and 90th min goals should be a dead give away. look at it this way, if the game wasn't...
I think he'll be ok and shouldn't have a problem getting back into form. Carlo had alot of faith in him prior to the injury so i also can't see the club turning...
2 weeks ago
@jraty, to bad it wasn't a brick.
He didn't get playing time last season, now all of a sudden he's an option? i don't understand.
3 weeks ago
To many games not enough time :[ morata played great tho......so much sarcasm. is he even getting playing time at juv?
1 month ago
This is the funniest s**t i read on here in a long time
Same here, his last channel lasted a full season i believe.
@mini i was just talking to a buddy about this, i wish madrid for just once would hold onto their young players. i would love to see some chemistry built instea...
Isco is a god.
Https://www.youtube.com/user/MUHANNADHD4/videos if anyone want's to watch any of the games..all hd, both english and spanish.
I was typing out a novel but forget it. ill say this, del bosque could have used villa. del bosque is a dumbass. del bosque shouldn't be coaching the nationa...
Villa sat the bench until the last game and did work when he finally got to play. can't agree with you on that. villa always left it all out on the pitch and wo...
Name calling in a competitive sport on or off the field shouldn't be a big deal.
Is this something to be excited about? i mean i love the guy don't get me wrong but do you really want to watch him sit on the bench for most of the season.
Don't have anything against him, watch every game twice.
Can't wait to go and see him play.
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