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Im not here to thank players im here to watch my team win. if you want to talk about thanking players dont forget how ikers carrier ended here.
1 week ago
Im ready for him to go and he can take benzema with him. piss tired of those 2.
Is he being sold because he wants to leave? if he doesn't want to leave i wouldn't let him go.
2 weeks ago
Yep, when i went to go watch him he looked not only exhausted but unhappy. i believe i even said it here.
3 months ago
He did good, i think a little more playing time to gain some more confidence and he will be solid.
4 months ago
I always thought he brought more to the table then illara even moving forward...remember that insane pass he had to morata that one game where morata finished i...
5 months ago
@tharius you were extreamly right about james when we got him.
Lets see how many more times we can cross it....sigh.
He wasn't that good to begin with.
6 months ago
Last article i read was that madrid rejected their offer.. gotta love the transfer window.
7 months ago
Just the look on his face said it all. Looked like he didn't want to even be there. He got subbed on at the half and basically played cam. Once in a while he ...
Well got to see Raul play today against the NY RedBulls. He looked so miserable. Maybe it's time to hang up the boots and come back home.
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me8vjJdKHMo type of player you toss on any other team and he quickly becomes a nobody with out quality talent around him.
8 months ago
Such a joke...let's just make zedane head coach maybe it will bring in more viewers aka more money.
Man, rivals or not it sucks watching players like puyol and xavi leave. This was my first batch of players i started watching week in and week out. Assuming ine...
Madrid was still Madrid before he got here. So would it?
Wouldn't mind seeing ronaldo leave. and no idc how many goals he scored this season.
Crazy, i had no idea and i watched the game.
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Why isn't carlo on the sideline?
Di maria was garbage all season until carlo switched his position and that didn't happen until the season was almost over. he wasn't a threat on the wing with ...
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