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Such a joke...let's just make zedane head coach maybe it will bring in more viewers aka more money.
4 days ago
Man, rivals or not it sucks watching players like puyol and xavi leave. This was my first batch of players i started watching week in and week out. Assuming ine...
6 days ago
Madrid was still Madrid before he got here. So would it?
1 week ago
Wouldn't mind seeing ronaldo leave. and no idc how many goals he scored this season.
Crazy, i had no idea and i watched the game.
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Why isn't carlo on the sideline?
Di maria was garbage all season until carlo switched his position and that didn't happen until the season was almost over. he wasn't a threat on the wing with ...
2 weeks ago
Just curious since i didn't get to see the previous match. Did casimiro play that far back last match also?
1 month ago
@degaza, nope this squad seems to have lost all it's mojo...once again.
Amazing how easy it is to blame cassilas. guess our forwards not finishing or our defense falling asleep isn't an issue.
2 months ago
I woke up to watch this game...and its already the biggest mistake i made today, f*****g pathetic.
3 months ago
Gamedayplus with madrid....anyone ever post this, iv never seen it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8EpQan3EHo
4 months ago
@SanchezAlexis don't own 15 but 14 i play an insane amount of possession and not in the back but throughout the midfield. My strategy is to play possession to ...
5 months ago
I almost spit my drink out when i read this.
Out of the 23 nominees for Balon d' or with out Ronaldo or Messi in the picture, who would you pick for top 3 and why?
Benzema doing it big! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=me8vjJdKHMo
Evexo - I appreciate your comment was done on the Real Madrid forum but excessive spam in mentioning 'clowns' is a little silly don't you think? DTaDiablo
Thank you!
Good quality link to the game anyone? i'm watching it in Russian atm...no, i don't even speak it. :|
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10 months ago
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