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isco>james. pissed tired of watching james pass the ball back instead of making something out of it.
18 hours ago
2 cool votes for you mate!
2 days ago
Wouldn't mind negredo here at all. benzema doesn't deserve it. Last time i was in Madrid they took me to a gay club...it was uh, very,very,awkward. Honestly a...
4 days ago
He can go cross the ball to nobody now at manU
5 days ago
Said it a while back that at the moment isco runs circles around james. and the response i got back was that i needed to stop talking s**t about james....lawl.
^ but he's a link up man...lawl.
1 week ago
You know, you make a good point but honestly it can't be easy going from practically being a "nobody" on the b team to being a superstar the next day. You can't...
Great goal from Munir El Haddadi, i always get excited seeing young Spanish talent. There is alot of it out right now, i hope Del Bosque opens his eyes.
He's like the chuch norris of soccer/futbol.
It took a barcelona fan to say it....thank you.
Say it doesn't happen then what happens? i know carlo would most likely use di maria but what about khedira? would he really sit in the stands all season?
Lol barcelona
No ones talking s**t here lol
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JZDqckyK6g just saying. Edit. My keyboard is broken that's why i haven't been as active on here. James seems nervous on the ...
Would start isco over james.
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x34HjG2ZA9Y LUKA!
2 weeks ago
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa2QHS10FaA hell of a debut
Best squad? it better be with the stupid amount of money we spend.
Madridismo.org use to have them on youtube, but at the end of preseason last season they wanted subscribers to pay for their service....obliviously everyone lau...
3 weeks ago
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