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Was watching a game the other day on espn...had no Idea wtf was going on but It did look interesting lol
1 day ago
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2 days ago
Older then the internet.
3 days ago
Did you really expect him to score It? Also, I thought Isco did a hell of a job controlling the game with what he had around him towards the end. and yes, ba...
4 days ago
Isn't he still injured? well recovering? an injury like that plus his age and the fact he would have to adapt to our squads playing style would be a good enough...
5 days ago
Modric was our most consistent player last season. i highly doubt he will be sitting on the bench.
1 week ago
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0TYamg0kwg he'll be back.
Don't mind james coming, but if that means isco has to go i'll certainly be pissed. both isco and jese can run circles around this kid. that's my opinion.
That's been used so many times... i hate that website
2 weeks ago
Really can't believe some of you guy's are making this about messi. Even the media, messi vs the machine. Damn i guess the 10 other players are nonexistent.
3 weeks ago
Colombia had one of the best looking teams during qualifying. i wouldn't sleep on them doing damage.
1 month ago
Meh... just want jese back.
Who ever wrote that article is a douche bag. have any of you guys ever been out of the states? i would much rather live in spain then over here. only good thing...
That last paragraph is on point degaza.
Sitting at the bar listening to these seasonal fans talk about the sport.......priceless. edit: nothing was better then the usa vs por game. "so if they score ...
Thank you captain obvious.
Oh look del bosque stops being a stubborn f**k and puts the right players in and they win a game. amazing.
Some of you would rather see messi lift the cup then your own country?
Benz seems way more calm and confident in himself playing with France then when he does with us. Guess not having Ronald and bale on ether side of you can do th...
No more cocky Spain fans? Yea ok like we didn't just make you watch and sufer over the past 6 years...stfu.
@realfan "i think you mean del bosque is a stubborn dumb ass." did you not read that part? lol
3 months ago
8 months ago
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