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Damn...You just summed up whats wrong with Barca and football at the same time. Good comment TheDreamer! Hope barca comes to either Sounders or Timbers so we ca...
6 years ago
It was a 50-50 challenge, unlucky call...but I guess the ref's just doing his job ain't he?
7 years ago
I thought United's midfielder's were way better than the previous 2 games, even if they are using backups. Somehow, it works. Maybe we should give the fringe an...
I have to admire the maxi-rafael-lucas tackle. Both Rafael and Lucas didn't do any acting just stood up and did the tackle. Fought about it afterwards, and the ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
I saw the interview and it isn't as bad as this article is making it out...I think that the media is really over doing everything, even to small clubs these day...
I think some of Mr. Atkinson's decision was mostly harsh on Man Utd (based on these previews) but then again the game looked like uncontrollable and the referee...
Scott parkers goal...clap clap clap!
Bloody hell...that was entertainment! Foster might just challenge Hart for that England no.1! Capello you watching this? Oh yeah...your in the stands lol Now p...
They will win it if they keep this up!
Where was this sympathy when Hodgson was in charge? lol
The advertisements are getting worse!!! WTH!!! The ad popped up 4 times! Its even worse than Liverpool's form! Get it? ;)
What about that other goal by robben, long shot from the right and the ball bent kinda weird...i forgot who it was against
Arsenal have not won anything for a while...Just pointing that out Verminator ;)
The more I read the comments the more the liverpool fans sounds like a sore loser. Suck it up, and move on! You guys got more concerning matter in hand. Like wh...
Academy award for diving should go to either pedro, robben or of course c. ronaldo. For consistently doing it and not getting caught.
You know...Baddy's got a good point there. But United also had 88 minutes + ET to put the game beyond reach. I feel those who voted awesome or great for liver...
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