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Et1et2et3 thought the Arsenal v West Ham United match was awesome
4 years ago
Et1et2et3 nominated J. Pastore (90') for Goal of the Week
Et1et2et3 nominated K. Benzema (24') for Goal of the Week
Patience! weren't ppl saying the same thing of Nasri and Giroud in their first year... give him some time to adapt you all.
Wasn't an own. Look at it from several angle and you'll see that Sakho put that one in with the inside of his right leg. Both Footytube and the commentator got ...
Dude you are a hater!!! The defender was the last line of defense as Riberi was goal bound in the last 3rd with only the keeper to face, the fact that he fell b...
Zizuthelegend your a real hater dude, you sort of sicken me... and if you're going to eulogize Zizou, at least write his name right.
Let's see how Tottenham fares against both Manchesters back to back buddy.
Borussia are as good as barcelona when it comes to transitioning from defense to attack but Arsenal's midfield is simply better oiled and the buffer that kept t...
In football like in rocket science there is no luck, you either convert or you miss the target. You don't land on the moon by almost hitting its "crossbar". it'...
Leonardito, in shape or not, Bayern didn't beat Barca, they destroyed them and that over 2 legs. The best teams usually wins over 2 legs.
5 years ago
You keep thinking that MattJosh. You'll be the one frustrated, not us.
Itenzo, I think Mt1234 did that on purpose. Pretty funny actually haha.
He probably means Jordi Alba. If so I totally agree.
Another clarification, Messi has the Spanish nationality as well as the Argentinian one. So 11 Spanish players.
So are you implying that if a player has a good finish, he is automatically crap in defense and vice versa??
JKTan,football 101, Football is like rock, paper, scissors, you just can't make a 3 way comparison. And to answer your question France beat Brazil 2-0 just a fe...
First of all, there are at least 3 chances from the game that are not in this video and second of all, seriously dude? can you really talk about other teams whe...
Metsuri, 2 chances, one goal that's what one may call efficiency on the contrary. If Finland won with that ratio, you'd be more than happy. Anyways tough group ...
He makes 12.5 million yearly and RM won't raise him to 16, that's why he's unhappy. He feels unappreciated. Also, he's not getting along with some of his team m...
Nonesense... Alice, come back to the real world.
No way dude. Germany kicks butt but I don't find their style adapted to beat Spain at all. Italy and Portugal are the 2 teams that are the best adapted to go to...
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