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Esrafily nominated R. Barkley (22') for Goal of the Week
What a game!!! wow hopefully Berardi would be part of the world cup squad
Awww too bad :( hopefully they will be Euro or next world cause this Iceland team was very young
Why the f*** there is a girl on top of the playwire one? LMAO
Kovac even thought he was a great player is messing up Croatia, I think Iceland is going thouhght I could bet on it ;)
The Viktoria Plzen has 2127 votes as the awesome! the irony that I was looking for is indeed achieved xD
I absolutely love Iceland! how embarrassing it'll be for china and India if a country with 321,857 people qualifies for the world cup? lol it is a true football...
Ozill10: its not arabic! my last name actually has Hebrew roots ;) haters gonna hate but Armenians been our brothers and will be forever. even in US our communi...
Or Chelsea lol
Gyan been impressive for a while as striker, I think Inter millan needed him or cause this guy can finish
Holly s**t Armenia!!! great job! as a Iranian or Persian, for some reason Armenia feels like my own country I'll be happiest if they make it to the world cup. B...
US worried bout nothin!
Spain is getting to be one of those teams that are so dominate and good you wanna see them lose to like an under dog team. It'll be cool if they loose to Tahiti...
5 years ago
Netherlands is still a team to be recon with.
That knuckle free kick...
Yea there is
Not even the B team its more like C and B mostly, the B team def would have Stefan Kießling on it, but they picked much younger players.
Such a legend
I don't like the iranian tactic at all! we need to have a slow build up with technique just like brazil and portugal. this way of attacking doesn't work in any ...
I like how Gavranović respected his parents country and didn't celebrate! props
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