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Are you kidding me? How can you compare Iran and Costa Rica to Chelsea? Chelsea is a big team with so many superstars. They dont have to defend because they hav...
5 months ago
Suarez's logic: If you can't beat them, then just eat them!
@ DaGaza, To be honest, Thats what I was thinking too :S
6 months ago
It happened to them once before. I am not surprised if it happens again. They were very fortunate again. But you cant win with luck against bigger teams!
Gotta feel bad for Iran. They were very close to win this and they defended with all their hearts and also referee didnt give them the penalty. Messi is just ...
I am sorry DaGaza, I do share the same opinion as weegeez and I am not Argentinian. However I do not blame Brazil for it since this has happened in the past whe...
First Thiago and now cesc fabregas! I am so disappointed. I honestly cant believe he chose Chelsea out of all of the options he had. Today is a sad day. Not onl...
PLEASE noooo! I am going to cry if Cesc leaves!
7 months ago
Wait! How did we get from a post about new home kit to politics? Am I missing something?
I really hope Cesc doesnt leave :(
This atletico team doesnt need turan nor costa and they have showed it today. All they need is hunger! Thats their man derive!
He might not been the greatest coach for us but he was a great person for taking all the blames, admitting to his mistakes, and apologizing for a bad season. No...
Well deserved atletico! We couldnt beat them in god knows how many games!
Atletico's high pressure is amazing. We are helpless!
^ Agreed with everything above. I am glad, at least, us fans are on the same page and see the same problems. I do hope that the board will come to the same conc...
8 months ago
Congrats. I am really happy for Iker for being part of this victory.
I do not think Madrid deserved anything more than this result. Although, I do agree with you on our garbage tactics. However, Madrid did not look too dangerous ...
Tata used the same tactic and formation that did not work against Atletico here. He also made a mistake on keeping Dani on and taking out Alba who was doing wel...
Messi ran a total of 6.8 kilometres during the Champions League quarter-final second leg against Atletico Madrid—just 1.5 km more than goalkeeper Jose Pinto O...
He is just stating his opinion. You should not be calling him a phony fan for that!
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