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I know right! good thing is I dont work till Friday! That should give me enough time to recover lol
9 months ago
Called in sick today! First time in a long time, I am going to watch Barcelona's game live!
Ramos,Arbeloa, Marcelo, Ronaldo, fabio coentrao
Typical Mou team. Always ends up in drama!
11 months ago
How did Cavani miss that!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes. i have to agree with Tharius on that. To justify his unfair red card, It seems that the ref is now picking on Oscar
Why are we not talking about our today's game! It is making me more nervous to find you guys quiet lol
Sorry If this comment may sound cruel but I have been wondering why do some of us, Barcelona fans, spend more time trying to convince Madrid fans about the legi...
1 year ago
Sorry to offend you. We will behave better! We are only team and the fans that complain about laliga's refereeing and how rough atletico plays. How dare we!:P
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) You are outdated on La liga rules.
Yoohoo Suarez where are you!
Thank you guys :)
Hello everyone! It has been a very very long time since I have posted a comment here. I dont know if anyone of you still remembers me. Although I have not been ...
Are you kidding me? How can you compare Iran and Costa Rica to Chelsea? Chelsea is a big team with so many superstars. They dont have to defend because they hav...
Suarez's logic: If you can't beat them, then just eat them!
@ DaGaza, To be honest, Thats what I was thinking too :S
It happened to them once before. I am not surprised if it happens again. They were very fortunate again. But you cant win with luck against bigger teams!
Gotta feel bad for Iran. They were very close to win this and they defended with all their hearts and also referee didnt give them the penalty. Messi is just ...
I am sorry DaGaza, I do share the same opinion as weegeez and I am not Argentinian. However I do not blame Brazil for it since this has happened in the past whe...
First Thiago and now cesc fabregas! I am so disappointed. I honestly cant believe he chose Chelsea out of all of the options he had. Today is a sad day. Not onl...
Espana nominated L. Messi (42') for Goal of the Week
2 years ago
Espana nominated L. Messi (63') for Goal of the Week
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