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@4ever; lol you are right, I was watching a different game. In the game that I was watching, none of Valvade's sub made any contribution in the goals. First goa...
1 month ago
I am very grateful for what we have achieved so far this season; however, I am still not too convinced with Valvarde's tactics as we are still very very depende...
The layout, design, format of the website has been the same since 2012!! I am surprised there is still activities on here
Wow. I have read another article where he said that about Messi and Barcelona Speaking after the 1-0 win against Newcastle on Wednesday, City boss Guardiola wa...
2 months ago
Philippe Coutinho spoke to Barcelona's Paulinho about a move to Spain
Jeroen, I believe that if Sergi gets to play in mid, he could easily be the difference maker and perhaps be our best player.
4 months ago
Yea. Even though it was a bad performance, I am still glad we won to keep the gap.
As much as I like to blame individuals for our performance tonight but It is all Valverde's fault. We have no game plan. That is why Suarez is always out of p...
I would say Umtiti first and Busquet second but they are very close. These two guys are the only ones (Beside Messi) that are consistent with their performance.
Hard to say because if Rakitic plays well and does not slow us down, I think we have a decent line up. I would say 2-1
Welcome Sir. Looking forward to your contribution/comments on this forum!
You are right, that also baffles me. I hope that is not why they do not start him. Its like buying an expensive car but not driving it to save gas money.
For a second, you really confused the heck out of me... Btw I found something interesting about Semedo which I think might explain why he does not start every ...
Exactly. With Semedo on the pitch, we can have Sergio play in mid and bench Rakitic as he has made our right side utterly useless. We cant even attack from th...
Again, no Denis Suarez or Semedo in the starting line up. Instead, we have Gomes and Rakitic starting toegther...great!!!
We are wasting his talent. The 10 mins he spent in mid today was more beneficial and influential than the 80 mins that Rakitic spent there
5 months ago
The amount of back passes Rakitic makes is outrageous and slows us down! I still dont understand why we cant have Roberto play in mid instead of Rak and Semedo ...
No kidding! It is good to see some of the old fellows around. This forum is so dead :(
Espana updated their profile
The line-up totally baffled me. Did we not learn that Rakitic and Gomes in the same line-up does not work. Let alone putting them on the same side. Rakitic seem...
Can you guys imagine what it would be like if Messi leaves? :(
7 months ago
Espana nominated L. Messi (42') for Goal of the Week
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