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Awesome goals by fabian and i really hope valdes doesnt get injured, bcuz its not looking to good with pinto
6 years ago
Awesome video, messi is a beast
7 years ago
Eto'o still has it!
Nice first goals, though the last two were scrappy and hard fought. well done barca
I like how barca got jammed up n still won. were awesome!!
As expected awesome team play by barca, n i have no idea why pique was given the red card. granted it may have been a hand ball but in no way did it seem intent...
Seemed like johnson had a solid game, i wouldnt complain
Couldv easily been 5-0...howard saved the u.s, again
I just hope gio gets enough playing time period.
Netherlands is looking dangerous, they just need to step once the games really matter
8 years ago
Awesome goals from van persie, and again mexico has trouble finishing their chances
Messi is hands down the worlds best!
Pedro is really starting to look good, hes gona b a key player this season..n as always messi comes thru..
Its nice 2 see barca playing at a high level..they will contend this year n will get better as the whole team gets their chemistry like they did last year
Not barcas best game..getafe had 2 many scoring opportunites n didnt tie the game bcuz of some lucky bounces...that second goal was great tho, who wuldv of th...
Overall good game by mexico, since teams always struggle to get a good result in el sapprissa. they wer sloppy at times and as usual torrado and blanco got thei...
Three goals, all headers..and thats without messi n iniesta!...barca looks good yet again..n its also good 2 see zlatan got that first goal out of the ...
Chelsea easily couldv had 7 goals in this game!...theyr looking really good right now...them n arsenal r gonna make it really hard on man. u this season
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