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Favorite Player: Wayne Rooney (tough player, hard worker, exquisite skill, plays any position asked of him...there's no comparison)
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In grad school for neuroengineering, but I get more excited about soccer than anything else.
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Gav u two cool votes:)
Abramovich cannot afford to keep spending on managers. But really, Chelsea had no business winning that Champion's League final. Bayern didn't step to the occas...
7 years ago
Well, well. This is a situation, I think all of us can relate, that I didn't think we'd have here. Di Matteo's Chelsea have made it through Barcelona into the C...
This is ridiculous. Growth hormone deficiency = not the same amount of growth hormone as any other normal little boy. HGH treatment brings him up to physiologic...
And it's confirmed: Chelsea are Barcelona's Kryptonite. Chelsea rode their luck that they earned from when they were ravaged by the ref last time these two met ...
Could have been Chelsea too.
I'm finding it more difficult to find highlights on footytube these days. Found this with a quick google search: Highlights for this match...
It's understandable to miss the second goal's offsides given his angle and the amount of players in between the linesman and Torres. Mata was maybe off by somet...
This decision was but a fraction of the absurd decisions on both sides for that infamous Barca-Chelsea second leg tie.
^This. Though most of Anfield won't exactly be pleased to just meh their way through the Premiership for the remaining games. Though it'd make a hell of a lot m...
Too little, too late, Celtic. What a sh*t show this game was.
Glad we don't have to embarrass ourselves every thursday anymore.
TOTALLY, yeah, all those teams do great in Europe. English football never gets you anywhere like the final of the Champion's League multiple times in the past s...
Terrible officiating...I thought officials were supposed to know the rules. Offsides for the second too. Token losing side's complaints about officials aside,...
False. He's an amazing player who would be amazing anywhere. He just happens to have two of the best midfielders in the world feeding him every game. It makes h...
Well said. I've both a football and a soccer team wherein I hit most every one of these points. United and New Orleans Saints all day.
So Theo Walcott shows up for 1 game every season now I guess? Arsenal has got to find their spirit at some point in the season. If it doesn't happen in a derby ...
In response to the Guardiola comment: Having two of the best players in the world, and a few others in contention doesn't hurt either, hmm? I'm still unconvince...
Definitely concerned, but overall happy with it so far. It was a poor touch and a poor decision in that City game. One of desperation to bring him on. Even if t...
Pepe really is making an ass of himself. Diving all around in this match. Great game, otherwise. I guess you could call these games "passionate," but I'd be mor...
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