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Notice where C. Ronaldo's move got him....no where. 90% of the time his moves are for show and gets him no where. Maybe he should learn from a real striker, who...
6 years ago
I love when people hate on France so much. I just cannot wait to see France prosper in the World Cup and quiet all the critics. Besides the lack of a good coach...
7 years ago
When France struggles to qualify for the WC and lose easy matches they end up making the final.
I hate the French coach, but how is it his fault that Gallas is playing striker? Does the coach have Gallas on an imaginary string I cannot see?
France played excellent, and you know what? This is a great sign for France because every time they barely qualify for the world cup and lose matches like this ...
Hahaha dude, I agree and it's exactly how France is as well.
You are crazy.
I wouldn't go as far as that, but I wouldn't judge him off one game. However, what I definitely would do, is say that C. Ronaldo does very well on all-star team...
You guys lack any football knowledge. To even fathom putting him in the same group as the real Ronaldo, Zizou, Maradona, or Romario for that matter is completel...
Shinsui, you're an idiot. Mohsink, thank you for hitting him with reality. Didn't Inter just beat Chelsea too? Bad timing for this comment.
8 years ago
Lyon has Real's number, period. Great game Lyon, and I expect us to win in Madrid. Allez Lyon, on va renvoyer c ronaldo au portugal, le peutain de fise de pute
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