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6 years ago
We should thank tello for this win :D
^ lol at MILANISTAGIRL. Lost not Last rofl
The game was bad but do you know what? I felt warm and fuzzy after i saw Van Der Sar :D god how i wish he was still in manutd
This debate ended when messi won player of the year last year. i believe messi got 36 votes, xavi got 13, and ronaldo got 1. i dont remember the numbers but mes...
Its Ji u dumbass
And that is why robinho isn't in mancity no more.
I am a manutd fan but how they won...its sad... 2 penalty kicks? really? is that all u can do manutd?
LMAOO he is a liverpool fan. what do you expect?
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
One player that Chelsea never shoulda bought. Torres
I thank torres for being a f**k up :D god bless torres :D
Lol i laugh at your stupidity
Possession was 25 to 75 at one point so i believe that arsenal got their ass kicked
I love how liverpool fans are talking smack now just because they beat manutd LOLOLOLOL whos not in champions league anymore? LOLOLOLOL it wasnt liverpool that ...
Congrats for beating a weak team arsenal, i knew you could do it!
Hi Stephen, Watch your bad language on the forums, as you have been reported by many other uses as being offensive and aggressive. You were reported not only...
And coach is going to be beckham
Guys let the liverpool fan be! we all know that liverpool sucks c**k. :D haters will always be haters :D
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