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At first I thought so too, just look at his face before he unleashes he was going for the cross. Great goal nonetheless.
7 years ago
I know I'm probably being a little bias here but Egypt would have been the better/stronger team to represent Africa, Algeria kinda sucks. Oh well I hope I see t...
8 years ago
European class! You serious? Euro 2010? Israel isn't even a part of Europe!
F*****g Materazzi, he should move to Hollywood
OK Are you "Karim M Mokhtar?" Because I just added that guy lol if not then maybe you should find me!! full name is ---, there might be a few of those too thoug...
Marhaban ya Sarah :) I'm from crazy Cairo and live in beautiful Boston now. I do have facebook, who doesn't lol full name is Karim Mokhtar. There's a million ot...
Mar7aba ya karim :) lool ismee Sarah btw msh S!! I just read your other post on my wall. Ana men eskendereya bas delwa2ti 3aysha fe canada... w enta? do u ha...
Ahlan ya zarara, ism lazeez awii lol ana tamam. I wrote you back at some point but cant find my post anymore. Enti men feen fe om el donia?
Ahlan ya karim izzayak?
All the Man U haters should chill out, the title is ours and we all know it. Forza Man United!!!
Dude, you're still talking about luck??? I honestly have nothing to say to you other than be fair and give credit to who deserves it. I think Egypt totally dese...
So funny that Almunia got credit for the Goal lol Glory Glory UNITED!!!
Other than the fact that he scored 4 freakin goals, Rooney is awesome in that he gives credit to whoever passed him the ball and celebrates with them, i appreci...
Im a Man U fan but wondering why Benitez play Lucas all the time, he obviously doesn't belong there....
Ronaldinho is a mere image of what he use to be, Milan has to create a new team our team is old and rusty...Respect for the special 1 for creating this new Inte...
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