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4 years ago
5 years ago
Lol 7:52 Stoke fan gives Suarez the finger.
6 years ago
I would really like to see Chamakh do better. He showed some quality last season, and I don't see how he can just lose all of it within months. The guy just nee...
This is where Arsenal might want to start looking. Players like those who don't get an opportunity to play despite undeniable talent and skill are simply inflat...
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If 250,000 a week is against his will, he has some issues to sort out.
Not going to talk about the defence at all. I'd need pages.
7 years ago
I hope Chamakh works on his toughness over the summer. He was great at the beginning of the season in getting on the receiving end of crosses and such, but when...
Even a 20 dollar webcam will do the trick. fifa is stuck in the 19th century.
Peek-a-boosquets needs a move to LA Galaxy. Maybe he can get some acting lessons while in Hollywood, because he's fooling nobody (except, curiously, the ref) wi...
Yes! I agree. You should get a card if you ask for one. Plus, you get the same colour card you ask for. Let the ref do his job. So many ways to cut down on chea...
Shielding a ball at your feet is different from 'shielding' one that's bouncing of a few yards in front of you, as lucas did. still, eboue should have known bet...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Slippery slope. Now we're judging how severe a handball in the box should be. A handball in front of goal is certainly worse than one at the edge of the area, b...
He's lying. He doesn't have emotions.
Only thing I'm happy about was that "Peek-a-Boosquets" scored the own goal. Certainly my least favourite Barca player.
Arsenal missed Walcott. In a game where any Arsenal chance would likely be the result of a quick counterattack, we needed someone with his pace. Arshavin could ...
And it wasn't even a random hoof into the stands, but a legitimate shot. Ref needs help. Certainly the right result though, all things considered.
Perhaps if Barca ever screws up in La Liga enough to qualify for the Europa League, we'll be able to see how City fare against them.
Remind me when City got knocked out of that competition. I don't remember
It's a fantastic result for them. Hence the happy. I don't think they'd care too much if they got thumped at the emirates. This is already a result to be proud ...
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