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Really? With tactical insight that deep you should really try football management. My point was less about the result but more how teams are perceived. But th...
3 years ago
I agree with the two of you but it's such a tough pill to swallow, rather than be commended for our performance we get shat on for essentially our lack of compo...
The thing I find most infuriating about this weekends game has been the reaction to it, mostly of the media partially of the fans too (saying its worse than the...
Ox just turned 21 in August.. Remember Ramsey before he was 22/23 and Wilshere before this year, it takes time for a player to find his own game, especially in ...
So let me get this straight.. - Happy Ozil is out of the team for 2 months - Thinks Rosicky, Campbell and Diaby can replace him - With Wilshere in the CAM role...
Chambers is another story, I think he should play next to Mertesacker as much as possible just because learning the game from someone who reads the game so well...
It's not all that surprising because I suppose it's essentially Alexis' job, i would be more worried with the system we play if we weren't trying those risky pa...
Forgot the link.. http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/news/news/2014-15/oct/opta-blog-on-true-pass-masters.html
Allow me to stoke the flames of the Özil debate.. I am a firm believer in Özil, although I can understand some peoples arguments about his "body language" I ...
@GSS Have some faith man!!
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