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To join Barca, do you have to pass a diving test? I'm so tired of seeing their players rolling on the ground as if their leg came off. And then magically they c...
Hard to see from the ESPN angle, but re: Montolivo's Red, since Suarez was involved, I pretty much assume it was a dive.
That's crazy talk. Forlan does just fine. PKs are actually pretty hard, and he was going against an on-form Buffon.
Of course it depends on the draw. But I think assuming they even get in the cup, US could make it to the knockout stage. I'm looking at the top 5 teams though a...
5 years ago
I think we pretty well established this was mostly DE's B team with a few of the A team sprinkled in. A few observations then: - With a surprising 4-1 lead, US ...
I'm no ManU fan, but I think the send off was too harsh. Intent has to be taken into account, and there's no way Nani was deliberately acting dangerously. You h...
Deuce! Now if we can get Donovan healthy, we might get through the hexagonal. Congrats to the Reggae Boys as well for making it to the next round.
I know it's way too early, but I'm having a hard time imagining Brazil, at home, not winning in 2014.
Ray Hudson is in a class all by himself. I'm not sure what class that is, but he is unique. "Peeled away defenders like a tangerine" (or something like that). W...
They do look like they're in good form, at least from this. That was a crazy good (or lucky?) goal from Jallet. (BTW, not to be too personal, but I didn't see...
True that the two are unrelated, and China does not have a good side. I think that point is that here are two countries with a lot of money / people / backing (...
Such talent on the German side..but..even though a friendly...it looked a little like they were taking it too easy. Not that impressive against a much weaker si...
6 years ago
Would love to see a top 5 finish by Newcastle. So bored with the same old same old. I think my fave, Everton, is too far out, but I can hope for Newcastle. Asi...
Most importantly, who were those hotties at the end of the video? :)
Not going to happen, but sure would be nice to see Leeds back in the EPL. After that, Southampton for a little bit of a change.
Ah robin robin robin. What could have been. Great game, great heart by Arsenal, but you just can't concede a 4 goal lead, regardless of where you're playing. 3-...
Wow. Wolves look like they're on the one-way trip to relegation. Then there's two for Deuce -- he's on a tear!
Real looked awesome in this; really comfortable with some beautiful passing. Kaka is really a rainmaker. Of course still second best though (for now).
What a horrible game for sturridge. My grandmother could have sent that breakaway in.
Holy smokes they're good. That was too good. I agree with some that maybe Netherlands can bring some game, but judging by this it'll be real tough.
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