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Elvinjones thought the Mexico v Chile match was awesome
1 year ago
Elvinjones just became a Fan of England
4 years ago
Mexico is breathing a big sigh of relief with the way USA is playing in this tournament
Totally, you can't draw much conclusions for this game, it was best enjoyed in the moment especially for USA fans.
Yeah but what he really needs to figure out APPARENTLY is that he doesn't have a long way to go....backwards!
England is just better than Brazil right now full stop. I wonder if the beautiful game has evolved a full step ahead of the Brazilian game...
It was a great showing by the USA, my team. I'm very happy. Just from what I saw, the Germans looked tired or something so I would consider a qualifying game ...
Actually, this was pretty much the A team. Add Donovan and a player or two, but this is basically it.
The germans didn't seem into it really...
People are upset because the USA is doing what other countries do. Not surprising, but annoying yes.
5 years ago
Too bad M. Bradley is cap tied ;)
Hopefully thailand can 'mai penh rai' this one
Hahahahahahah....LOL "We're not Brazil"
We are getting better in friendlies but please don't watch qualifiers...yikes
Berbatov penalty LOL he could have done it while smoking a cigarette
Dempsey's style is laconic and score non-pretty goals. That's just how he is. Also, he's not good at penalties, now Tottenham knows this.
He still plays and scores like he always did (which isn't to say he looks as good as VdV), and it's frustrating to see the missed opportunities that Defoe has h...
I think they could win the PL more likely than CL
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