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DJ Cisse
10 months ago
Those 32Red Billboards on can be distracting!!!
2 years ago
What's the name of the song in the beginning of the video?
Nice exchange between Vermaelen and Suarez
Well said Mejay ;)
Funny to see Cavani scoring on his actual contracted team.
3 years ago
Barcelona VS Schalke 04 in the Finals!!! Bank on it!!!
Schalke 04 are waaaaaay more of a threat than ManU right now!!!!
Thanks for the invite Jay, welcome to the site - enjoy
I just remembered I already posted a welcome message before the one yesterday. LoL.
Just saw the FAQ on meetups. I'm in my ongoing 20s. I graduated from university last year. :)
Arsenal 4 Life!
Thanks. Nice to you meet both of you!
I'm Jay, and my favorite team is Arsenal. Montreal has a great soccer/football community. If you come down here or live here, you may be able to join my intramu...
Montrealer here!!! Next door neighbor. Let me know if you're down here. I play soccer every week!!!
Welcome Ginny!!!
It's simple Arsenal, Hercules Alicante, and Real Betis. LoL
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