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6 years ago
Correction, osasuna players are far from incredibly good athletes, jus take a look at their defence
And epl fans always get on bout how a foreign player will find it hard to adjust to the "pace of the premiership"
Spanish teams cant defend, and its a fact, villareals defence was laughable and their fourth in la liga
7 years ago
@9Ronaldo9 stop being a sore loser, to win in any sports a team must be multi dimensional, possession football will not work forever, it is a good and attractiv...
And to think some fans wanted benzema to start ahead of pipita, i honestly cant wait for us to offload benzema....higuain is whats missing simply cos he is youn...
True , rauls gola against valencia back in 2001 ucl final, his goal against dynamo kiev in the 06/07 ucl and i remember another goal against valladolid in the ...
Btw i hope osasuna and almeria get relegated
Fact is the other liga teams will lose to barca, i believe in madrid and i believe we can rack up wins even against barca regardless of the 5 nil whoopin, but i...
Congratulations barcelona u are liga 10-11 champions, hopefully we can do better in the cop de rey and ucl...this isnt 2007, no need hoping sevilla espanyol and...
Tired of barcelona glory hunters, u always have to hear about cantera, modest , beautiful football and all tht crap when they talk . just watch the freekin game
I know u should not be, your mother should have swallowed you....f**k catalunya
I am a real madrid fan and u r right bout la liga not being at par wit epl at the moment , no doubt real and barca can handle any team world wide imo, but vill...
I liked the win simply cos this kinda team is the one that usually knocks us out of the copa, last yr alcorcon the year before union...plus i remember earlier t...
I feel the same way, i love madrid but one thing la liga has lacked since prolly 2007 when sevilla where in the title race is heart....in the prem. i see teams...
Like i said before, bilbao do not have the same players as barca in terms of quality, if they fight fire wit fire barca will crush them and all the barcelona fa...
Why so u can rip them on the counter and score 5 then everyone on the internet starts screaming mes que un club? if bilbao had the same players barca has theyll...
I as well as many other madridistas worldwide wud love to have a good ol fashioned game of football in the next round of the champions league against a mighty f...
Y should he? wat if the defender for some reason got tht sudden burst of energy to lunge and nudge the ball out....a real striker takes no chances, no pun inten...
Thankyou, i hate it when madridistas say we shud start benzema instead of pipita...higuain earned his stripes, when he came into this club he was a third choic...
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