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Kgb: I respect your opinion, but when talking about paying huge transfer fees for young or seemingly overrated players in the last couple yrs lets not forget To...
1 week ago
Kgb, all we need is some confidence. Last year we had a garbage st, either no matic or no partner to matic and a gk "who couldn't control corners" and we would'...
Deffy, I don't think james rodriguez' stock was as high as real paid nor was neymar's as high as barca paid. Those 2, man utd, and psg have shown they are will...
Utd are hot at the moment, chelsea have been hot all season. it will be a good match
I think it will be hard for us to attract another great striker being we only play a one striker formation. Also remy has been doing so good that anybody we b...
2 weeks ago
Interesting article about how chelsea's spending has stabilized them and why power has shifted to la liga from PL in the past 5 years
A few weeks late, but I found this article the other day and it's hilarious. tell me bale wouldn't want a PL return
They are just in denial about casillas being in decline. Every weak goal that goes in on him gets blamed on bale
I love the crazy excited irish guy who does barca games. I remember him saying about alexis at barca after a goal, "he's running like he's got a lobster in his ...
No way mou would allow that until the PL is wrapped up. but once we have it clinched i agree it should be done asap and he shouldn't be rushed into any competit...
Thanks zilch, I probably miss some things by watching highlights in the back of class with the volume off
1 month ago
If it was this one thing this one time I might agree Teja, but he's been consistently booed by his own team's fans, and this time, a professional had his car at...
Http:// what animals...
Man utd: de gea arsenal: giroud, I think they'd miss him more than they'd think, he's perfect in that system
Maybe he needs to condition better and/or rest more, by not playing those early cup games. Who knows, maybe he just hates the cold weather in the winter. Also ...
What a close one
I was just about to post this too haha. Yeah, it's f***ed up, and everybody knows it. If FIFA doesn't want to be a huge joke they need to reverse the whole Qata...
What sites do you guys use (besides links from here) for football articles and analysis? ESPN seems to only have short, biased articles, and I'd like a site wit...
I was obviously pissed after chelsea lost on that rule, especially being that both games were 1-1 in regulation, all OT did was give them an extra period to win...
Not yet loc, so don't spoil it haha. I just got done with season 6 bc I just watch them on Netflix. The last episode of season 6 felt like a series finale. I mi...
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