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It's way too early to know, but after 4 straight wins, how high does everybody think dortmund can finish? I think they could still make the top 5
Do it like the NFL and give coaches 2 "challenges." It wouldn't add too much time
I think he might be referring to the ads being hard to close. I'm having that problem on mobile for android, I click them to go away and another pops up that wo...
It looked like it would've gone in at the far post, but they must have gotten a bettter camera angle and seen otherwise
Because of the campaign, haha I'm not sure. It was on target so it should've been his
Azpi MOTM in my opinion
1 day ago
BOOOOOM, Costa coming up big!
The one time I'm at a place with cable, it's on a channel they don't have haha
2 days ago
Chelsea have taken care of German teams in the CL group stages without much trouble the past couple years. Aside from Dortmund being amazing the past 2 years, t...
4 days ago
I just meant the drawing for knockouts besides being a 1 or 2 is random. It would be more fair if they would rank the group winners 1-8 and the runners up 9-16 ...
I'm also happy about the new deal. Its possible that cfc thought more people would buy jerseys with "samsung" huge across the chest, instead of something less r...
I have to agree with bazinga. And tomikato makes a good point too, city got their new owner later and also, they were just promoted to the championship. Chelsea...
Lol zilch, that most likely happened. I agree too, and maybe part of the reason it made such big news is there is not much of that type of stuff at chelsea or ...
1 week ago
Ethio and others were talking about whether we're good enough to win the CL and why people think we aren't. For the record I think we are good enough, but I thi...
"if it weren't for courtois...." Not that you said we were lucky, but people have said that, and I don't think its luck to have one of the best gks in the world...
Anybody have a good stream? mine is garbage
Ivanovic coming up huge this month
I loved throwing him in as striker on fifa if i was up 2-3 goals haha. I know it wasn't for cfc, but that goal line save vs spain in the continental cup final w...
2 weeks ago
Well said, I think even if there are a couple other that could play his role, no other attacking mids would want to play that role and they wouldn't be as disci...
It would be like in semi pro, when coffee black leaves the spurs at half time and rejoined the tropics. That would be sick if luiz did that -in no way would it ...
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