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Even before we had Roman we had more pts than or just one less than certain trams that say we have no history currently have
15 hours ago
I know Niru, my point was that mou probably sees that position as covered, so I don't know who reus would displace in the starting 11. And I doubt reus would wa...
4 days ago
I think we should back off the schurrle hate and trade talks for a while (not that you 2 are hating, but the forum as a whole). As a good runner in college, w...
I haven't watched a ton of reus' full games, but isn't reus for William the same type of thing mou just decided against when he let Mata go for Oscar? Mou like...
At what point of the season can we say that it's not just a bad start for Liverpool, Everton, Spurs, and even man u and Arsenal? Sometimes the points system ...
2 weeks ago
Lol, neymar is my least favorite player to watch bc of his exaggerating and moaning. When he broke his back 75% of people thought he was just faking
Niru, he didn't say have reus as back up,but rather get reus and have a youngster as backup. Good point c61, we don't want to have to scramble at the end of ea...
100% agreed with bluff. He waits to get the keeper going one way and shoots another (not easy, but he's great at it) but if goalies learn to be more patient wit...
I mean there's a slump, then there's losing 5 straight and going from 2nd to 2nd to last. This isn't a typical slump.
3 weeks ago
I noticed that a few days ago as well and was shocked. I wonder what's going on
We've been killing them on possession
Agreed with azeal. Nearly everybody here is saying Loew shouldn't win it because he had more than enough resources to win the WC, so it was easy. how is that d...
Good point about it not being something we always do or is always the problem, ghanakid. it just felt weird today, because we were playing shrewsbury town with...
Lol. I know you get hype during games, which is cool, but take it easy. they're way different. Torres came in for 50 mil right past his prime, salah is still de...
Haha I know, but still, who just kicks it around after only 60-70 min instead of working for a goal when only playing shrewsbury town?
It looks like hindsight now, but I swear I was just about to say it looks like we're trying to slow down and kill the game when we should be looking for 2-0, 3-...
We wish. did you see robben's goal vs roma last week? or his CL winning goal etc..? also, you can't blame salah for shooting here, nobody else is except for sh...
Salah is fast, but.... lol those shots
121 barca: that actually kinda supports lucas' point, small teams in the epl (bottom 10) can, and have, gotten results against the top 10 and even top 5, which ...
20 out of 23 of these players either were on barca, bayern, chelsea, or real, or they are this year
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