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With all due respect to city and pool, it wasn't really that they beat us last season to the title, but that we lost it. if we just got a result or 2 against t...
3 days ago
That was a reference to the movie semi pro btw
6 days ago
Exchange him for another team's washing machine
1 chelsea (if we learn to beat the bottom 5 teams), 2 city, 3 arsenal, 4 man u (no europe comp), 5 everton, 6 liverpool, 7 tottenham. no idea bottom 3
1 week ago
Do you guys think there's any truth to the edinson cavani rumors? I think Torres would have to go first
I'm not a huge moses fan. I think we should keep Salah, even if he doesn't start, he makes a great sub
Why would madrid want cech when they have navas, lopez, and casillas? To be honest Casillas didn't look great vs man u as he let that cross go in on the goal r...
I'm going to the real Madrid- man u game tomorrow, so I guess that makes me a man u fan for the day
2 weeks ago
I wish we accepted that 12 mil bid that was supposedly made for torres. That would make the situation easier IMO. Then if we did sell Lukaku too, we'd have anot...
3 weeks ago
Thanks guys
What's the best place to order jerseys from (US)? I want 13/14 home
4 weeks ago
That goal line save by costa rica's defender was almost as good as david luiz's in last year's confederation cup. I hope costa rica pull off the upset
1 month ago
A lot of goalkeepers have showed up big this wc like navas, neuer, howard, and ochoa
I don't have one of those keys haha. either way, my second comment now looks smart and the first looks dumb haha that was an awesome goal
This just got interesting again. I hate watching neymar, he's talented, but anytime he's about to be stopped he just jumps into the opponent and rolls on the g...
That was the perfect range for luiz, any closer and he would've kicked it out of the stadium. great goal
Honestly after this tournament and in this market,david luiz being valued at $50 mil doesn't seem too bad. he's young, marketable and is having a great tourname...
I love how david luiz lined up next to neymar and hulk for that free kick as if he was gonna take it over neymar lol
What a crazy finish. Neuer hates letting the team that scored grab the ball to get going lol
2 months ago
4 months ago
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