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Wow what a game
6 days ago
He did totally eff that game up and make Arsenal super lucky, but he did do a great job getting those chances and beating defenders, just needed to finish
1 month ago
I would assume most people in the area are Man U fans bc they've been good for so long while city wasn't
2 of our 3 cbs are old, we couldn't buy our 4th choice defender Alonso for under 25 mil..... There's no way we let Christensen go for that fee.
Let's goooooooooooooooo! Awesome news, he was my favorite before he left
I agree, I'm just saying if we did splash a high (yet somewhat reasonable- say 50 m) on a defender that helped us get back to the CL, it would pay for itself......
I haven't posted in a while, a couple thoughts: A: people are asking if a defender is worth X amount of money, that all depends on if you think last season wa...
And it was raining and all Barca players were sick and and and and ... Lol it's preseason Malik, you guys got wrecked, leave it at that.
2 months ago
Until cuadrado proves anything in the premier league it's Willian because he is proven
I know, I hope it blows over. Yes I am football doc
Anybody else here going to the game today? I've been pumped for this all year
Haha you just beat me to it
Lol Drogba still giving Arsenal trouble with a goal for mls all stars against them. Also funny on the snapchat story they show petr Cech as "4x premier league ...
If he does want to leave we'll have to pull a Man U with de gea and not let it happen. We've had trouble finding the net without him. Probably BS though.
3 months ago
I hope you're joking about Willian, he has been amazing.
I totally agree, it's like being on the titanic and you see an iceberg 10 miles ahead and run into it instead of turning. We have years to choose a new venue ...
5 months ago
As long as he doesn't talk s*** about CFC then I'll support him, but I doubt he would. And if he sells us back Mata I wouldn't be mad either
Haha. Idk who it was because I was too angry to look, but the defenders were ball watching and literally nobody picked up benteke. Garbage defense after shuttin...
Regardless of the result, congrats to city for taking our annual spot of making the EPL not look like a joke. They beat and hung in with some of europes finest....
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