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Breaking news: bayern in talks with immobile, keeping tabs on mkhitataryan www.jk,butseriouslytheystealalltheirgoodplayerssotheydon'
3 hours ago
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4 hours ago
I'm an optometry student, b.s. in biochem
15 hours ago
Wishful thinking from all of the non-chelsea fans. If you keep only worrying about us, you'll let villa, swansea, and southampton retain spots 2-4... jk, best o...
How do barca defenders always get higher ratings than chelsea's?
2 days ago
This is awesome, and some are hilarious
1 week ago
Wow, I just realized we have way more goals for (through 3 games). what was really strange to me though was that everton has let so many in so far. last seas...
Agreed, of course man city didn't need much, but I think arsenal still would like another striker. Do we still need to offload a foreign player?
3 weeks ago
Lol, they would go nowhere. but I think mou would want to keep him as a reliable backup and for closing out games
I kinda agree with danny. he looked like the best player for real in the champions league, but then in the world cup he looked awful, especially in that game vs...
United should buy Mikel since they have so many injuries in midfield and have been weak defensively
Haha, my bad, I know nothing about programming so I shouldn't pretend I do. I just noticed that's how other sites work their message boards
Agreed c61, maybe if their injuries heal quickly and they get a couple good transfers they can come back to do well later
I feel like if FT switched the format of posting time from "1 hour ago," "2 days ago," or "17 min ago" to the exact time on the FT clock that the comment was po...
Any of that talk is just jealousy. Those people wish it stayed the way it was 15 years ago with the same teams on top. Like Raj said, we survive off of our own...
He has sold a lot of jerseys though, so that somewhat offsets his wages
@chelsea4laif, hey bud, I think you may have meant to reply to the thread above or the one below this. when replying to a thread, click the reply button BELOW t...
How was this comment 19 min ago lol. even though lukaku almost lost it and naismith was a hair offside, nice goal. Arsenal not looking good so far. Maybe this ...
But I think it's just because puma makes too girly of a cut on their jerseys
As much as i like a team switching it up from every other prem team's blue or red, I don't really like those arsenal away jerseys
Ivanovic has looked good going forward today
5 months ago
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