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Let's say this weekend when we play Newcastle the score is tied after 70 min, would u rather Chelsea play conservative/ regular and get a draw, or go all in for...
1 hour ago
True, I still like that he's trying to be productive and can create chances in an offense where nobody else can create consistent chances
21 hours ago
I thought willian was good too, he takes on defenders with confidence now and creates most of our chances, esp in the first half
Ha I knew I'd get some backlash, of course from a Barca/Madrid type. Just wait for tmrw when I ask u guys what position CFC will finish in the league and post ...
5 days ago
I'm a little surprised by no hazard, but otherwise a standard line up. Do you think we'll play 433 or did you just type it out like that and think fab will play...
And sorry for posting on my own post so many times, but I was curious about people's opinions, but lastly: Like this post if you think pep will never win the C...
Like This one if he'll win a CL trophy within his first 3 seasons with man city
Like this one if you think he'll never win the epl with man city
Like this one if you think pep won't win next year, but will win the epl with man city within 3 seasons
About to blow up this page by commenting on my own post... But we're all talking about it, so out of curiosity, how about a quick poll? (by liking a certain pos...
Sif: I agree he may not need a messi (a healthy aguero might do the trick), but your logic is flawed when you say "did he have a messi at Bayern?" Because it eq...
Daily mail says we will pay 20 mil a year to play at wembley for 3 seasons starting 2017/18, but have to get the new stadium plans approved first. Also Spurs ha...
I'll also stop blowin up man city's page after this, but it isn't easier to win the league. La ligament has like 3 amazing teams, 2 very good ones, and the rest...
6 days ago
Low level teams are popping up the PL table more consistently than you think sanchez, look at southampton and liverpool the past couple years.
Lol true. He just did the whole little horse thing to take the pressure off the players, and cfc were only a game or 2 away from winning that title anyways. th...
Well sorry I made the comment personal. For the record I actually was impressed with the vocabulary u were using haha, so it was honestly partially a comment. A...
Players leaving the club, even if they are a legend, is just an inevitable part of being a fan. Let's just be thankful we had Terry for as long as we did. CFC ...
If we stay unbeaten until that first game with them maybe we can pull off a draw
1 week ago
Bc podolski is a German name and not polish... Uidiots
I realized I shouldn't have posted on Chelsea's wall but I actually said 'that's a definite red, but textbook simulation'. Anyways, doesn't matter but emotions ...
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