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I know the PL was in danger a couple years ago of losing the coefficient. Also sick of hearing how other leagues are better bc they have 1-2 good superstar team...
2 days ago
I'd back man city. They have a decent chance of winning it all this year and it'd be good for the PL.
I can't get the WhatsApp link to work, do you know if it expired?
1 week ago
I'm in
He looked so disappointed out there all day. He'd probably be happier in madrid
2 weeks ago
Pedro was bad but fab was out of position. Can't play good offensively without touching the ball
I don't understand why he waited so late to bring on giroud
Agreed, he stalls too much in the final third, way worse than willian
I thought he has looked good in this game, there's constant pressure and he's held up well vs these tricky dribblers
I didn't realize how good sane was before this game.
Announcer just said he's ill
Arsenal not only losing, but not even looking good, total domination by BHA. Would be super lucky to equalize
Not a bad idea. It's not like this site even has good highlights anymore. Where do mobile users get their highlights? Fullmatchesandshows doesn't work anymore f...
Everybody brings up his family... why didn't he have his family move with him?
I've been wanting to see willian there for a while also, it seems like Moses is the poor man's willian anyways. I also like Luiz in midfield, slightly risky, bu...
1 month ago
Agreed TWB. You can't talk about targets after losses to watford, Bournemouth, etc. you can talk targets if we were only losing to man city and Barca, but this ...
Let's hope we learn from it and do everything possible to keep hazard instead of signing 3 decent players Willian/Pedro quality
I agree with the pressing TWB. Sitting back has been okay for defense, but awful offensively. Pressing higher up the pitch like the CL final atletico team, woul...
Lol nvj, true. I guess we're going for quality depth rather than a strong starter because they're difficult to find during this window.
I understand that he'd initially make more, then that would make hazard due for a raise. If we don't get good players then hazard will leave anyways for nice w...
2 months ago
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