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If he does want to leave we'll have to pull a Man U with de gea and not let it happen. We've had trouble finding the net without him. Probably BS though.
1 week ago
I hope you're joking about Willian, he has been amazing.
I totally agree, it's like being on the titanic and you see an iceberg 10 miles ahead and run into it instead of turning. We have years to choose a new venue ...
4 weeks ago
2 months ago
As long as he doesn't talk s*** about CFC then I'll support him, but I doubt he would. And if he sells us back Mata I wouldn't be mad either
Haha. Idk who it was because I was too angry to look, but the defenders were ball watching and literally nobody picked up benteke. Garbage defense after shuttin...
Regardless of the result, congrats to city for taking our annual spot of making the EPL not look like a joke. They beat and hung in with some of europes finest....
If we turn away every young player that wants to play for Real Madrid we may never win another trophy. Tell that little boy he's staying at Chelsea and that's t...
Bazinga: I think SIF was just joking that we could've helped Man U out by beating city, not saying that Chelsea can't beat top teams
3 months ago
No1chelsea: I think ivanovic has played much better at CB and I think we should keep him. No question the top needs are a fast DM, a CB, and a backup striker ...
Injuries + a sub par team = looking hella average even as an EPL POTY
He doesn't mind riding the bench.
Is that sarcasm about Courtois? Have you watched this game? He had 3 great saves and the goal took a deflection right in front of his line of sight. Not his fau...
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Eeegay is contemplating their status
Any good streams?
I know, I forgot that's who Chelsea were playing today haha
If sterling and Luis were 50 and di Maria more I'd say we could sell hazard for a good 80 if we want to sell
Strong showing from hazard and matic
Slow week... Who's your top player of the season? Why? (I know the seasons not over) 1: Willian - kept the team going in good times and bad, break out season 2...
Good point naija. Our defenders haven't been great, but I think the main issue is the defensive mids, who have let the opposition right up to our defense way to...
Lol Torres with a goal and a red card within 35 min v barca
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