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Are you two joking bazinga and KGB? I feel like William was awful 2 years ago in the final third and we all rightly criticized him, but last year he was our POT...
1 week ago
No, the obvious answer like I told you guys earlier, Leicester did some type of freaky Friday/like mike/ space jams type of switch with Chelsea for one year. So...
Bazinga, by me saying that I meant I would assume Conte would try to keep him and therefore include him in his plans.
I would think we'd do anything we possibly could to keep him. Also I don't know why he wouldn't want to be aboard, Chelsea has an exciting future with this curr...
2 weeks ago
This reminded me of that season too bluff. I was way more nervous that year when Chelsea would face norwich than man city
Worth 65, conte would teach him to get back on track, remember no matter how well they do Barca and real are always upgrading no matter the cost and that's why ...
3 weeks ago
Forget Arsenal... think about united, if we spent that much in an offseason and were in this position we would be getting destroyed on the message boards now. O...
It's more a play on how people turn anything into 3-1..warriors blew a 3-1lead in the NBA finals reference
1 month ago
I remember watching hem that year thinking adm was at least their second best player and provided the link ups to give them success that year. I was shocked whe...
Unless somebody offers over 70 mil we need to hold on to courtois, he was awesome
I was confused for a sec, read that as bane
True KGB, but 3/20 came in the winter, which probably has a lower total number of transfers occurring than summer, possibly proportional. Not saying winter tran...
2 months ago
Good point, he was a flop and lost a lot of money. Otherwise the list KGB posted seemed comparable to the success rate of summer signings, and we hardly overpai...
KGB that list actually looks better than I thought it would. Either way no point is picking up players for 2 competitions, better wait for quality players in th...
Oh must be so tough deffy...... people have been giving Chelsea a hard time for over spending for years even though CFC has been profitable and spending less th...
William does have the finishing now though too. Ever since last year that's been improved. Remember how frustrated we were when he couldn't finish? Sounds like ...
I feel like when people talk about Chelsea's loan army they think more about what advantage it has to the team and forget the business implications. Roman just ...
I don't see it being a problem getting players to come to Chelsea this summer. If players don't fit in with conte then trim the fat now.
That late goal costa made out of nothing was beautiful, definitely what we were missing in the Torres/etoo/ba era. Between that and the improved finishing out ...
With Leicester sitting in14th now, which is where we were at this point last season, it's almost as if they did some sort of movie-style talent swap with us for...
4 months ago
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