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Hopefully this turns out to be good timing on a slump by forcing the board to splash some cash for Alexis or someone good. Would help a lot to have more than ju...
3 days ago
Do you think we'll try the ole classic counter attacking vs them? If so we still would need a boost vs today, morata was 1v3 too often, needed help
6 days ago
We relied too much on azpi/Moses/Alonso to create the attacks. Hazard was awful, cesc was invisible, morata had no help when he did have the ball. Willian helpe...
Idk, even with 150, that's only 2 good players in today's market that obviously wouldn't be as good as hazard.
2 weeks ago
Weird. I think 9/10 football fans would consider him top 20.
4 weeks ago
2nd league, semifinal CL and I'm very happy
1 month ago
Lol click the link
Http://! Espn rank of top 10 at each position in the world and m...
Not saying morata sucks, but this sounds like the same conversation we used to have about Torres (minus the good headers lol)
The only top team that seems to be in great form is psg, with Barca/real/atletico/and Bayern not looking incredible there's a shot against anyone.
With everybody talking about possible round of 16 matchups, who do you think the top 8 teams are right now in Europe? Top 2 are probably psg and man city, beyon...
Does it bother anyone else when a keeper prematurely gives up on a save? Like today when lloris let that first one go v Arsenal. Idk if he thought it was going ...
It was only a couple years ago we were asking for him to step up to be a superstar and take some shots, he definitely stepped up there.
2 months ago
Wow Chelsea dominated that second half. I was watching on mobile at work, unfortunately had to grab a patient right at 90 min so missed the winner. Idk why but...
3 months ago
If you can't call a team weak or a group easy and every team has an equal shot there would be no sports analysis or betting. Stop clowning and admit it's an eas...
4 months ago
With unheard of clowns going for 40 mil these days a top premier league striker like him could easily go for 60-70, costa must know this, just trying to push th...
5 months ago
Idk if this is a popular opinion or not, but I think he is totally worth the money. They'll make that up with ticket and jersey sales and making psg more releva...
Lol, that wouldn't have been quite as fun to watch
6 months ago
I got to witness a great psg-Roma game tonight in Detroit with a shootout right in front of my seats then I heard while there that we got morata!! Awesome
I have to disagree liq, it's very boring, they could've at least ribbed the collar in white or something... it looks like a practice t shirt and not a jersey. C...
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