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Lol, that wouldn't have been quite as fun to watch
4 days ago
I got to witness a great psg-Roma game tonight in Detroit with a shootout right in front of my seats then I heard while there that we got morata!! Awesome
I have to disagree liq, it's very boring, they could've at least ribbed the collar in white or something... it looks like a practice t shirt and not a jersey. C...
3 weeks ago
He looked good 2 days ago for England U21 side, good ball control/dribbling, obviously needs to mature a lot still.
1 month ago
Ok gotcha. Wouldn't it be awesome if we learned the whole costa/conte thing was just to mess with other teams
Bazimga I was with you until that last paragraph... what do you mean by "he does not deserve all this"? You mean that it's been 4 weeks and no transfers? The wi...
100% agree with loc, it's just like a player pretending to want to leave to get more money. Conte wants transfers so threatens to leave.
On the bright side plenty of time to recover properly
Espn claims we were going too slow with bakayoko and are frustrated so may look towards tolisso of Lyon.
Haha not as bad anymore, and I don't like when he does it either. I watched the icc summer game in person of real vs Chelsea and I was shocked by how much of a ...
True but Ramos still disgusts me
Nobody I hate more than Sergio Ramos. He's always looking to dive, he looked so stupid getting cuadrado sent off by checking if the ref was looking.
It looks like any dri-fit t shirt you can buy at any sports store and then slap a couple logos on there. Maybe it's to promote their regular clothes line, but v...
That is extremely lame. Btw I wish links were clickable on this site, copy and paste isn't fun on mobile.
Any thoughts on playing with 2 strikers next year? I know some people thought we'd go that way if we had 2 available this past season.
Agreed bazinga, that's why I threw "maybe" in front of that. People act like they haven't had a top cast of forwards for many years and some big stars. They c...
Http:// Thoughts on Wenger signing a new 2 year deal? On one han...
They used a formula based on endorsements, google searches, and something else. I like bolt a lot too but he's past his prime now. Soccer is the worlds most pop...
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Espn top 100 athletes based on fame: Ronaldo 1, Messi 3, ...
My thoughts exactly on this motivating some big summer moves
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