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Ronaldos (R9&CR7), Zidane, Ozil, Big Benz
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Not much to me really, just a simple guy who doesn't pledge loyalty to any club, because lets face it, clubs in my country are bullocks... I just like some clubs here and there, doesn't make me a hardcore fan or anything, ie Madrid
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Right you are, I forgot about the Coppa final.
4 months ago
With Ronaldo and Khedira back in the picture, along with Modric, Di maria and Bale being in form, it's not such a ridiculous statement like Cjayzz makes it out ...
We're not quite there yet unfortunately, we're 5 points away though, if we manage to win against Roma and Inter, we could very well be there.
Really can't go wrong with BBC, and the Di maria in the middle has been a beauty. Hope Benzema is fully fit, Lets do some damage.
5 months ago
Ozil is not the best midfielder or playmaker in the world, I say that as an Ozil fan. Look at D.Silva, Oscar, Gotze, Mkhitaryan all of which are imho better tha...
@Pejvl, Benz headed alot of balls in the net this season, I think we're ok from that aspect. But I do think we need a back up striker who's quality. Not Cavani ...
Arsenal lack depth, they have Ox as a DM which is odd. Bayern will win today, Ribery is back to form, him and Robben on the flanks, Thiago and Bastian as the an...
I'd hate to see Atleti plunge from the title race, but I think we will have enough resentment(for beating us at home lol) and hunger to annihilate them 3-0/4-0....
Rajmahal, yeah you really should -_-
I think Dougie walked right into that one lol
I don't think there's ever been a time where Arsenal needed Ramsey this badly. FFS come back already !! lol
Taraabt was very impressive today, his cross to Kaka almost put us through, not to mention his individual skills on the right flank created alot of space for Po...
6 months ago
Was cheering for you guys, that red card imo was bs, penalty yeah, red card def. no, especially that it was clear that Szcesny clearly tried to avoid him when h...
Eeber nominated Thiago Alcântara (90') for Goal of the Week
I think Pejvl criticizes Benzema out of spite, When Benz has an off game, he tears his ass to pieces (he's rubbish, he's useless, he's not Madrid worthy, blah b...
Not 40m good. Let me ask you this, if Mangala is 40m, how much is Kompany worth? 70m? or Thiago silva 80m?. 40m is not a price tag you pay for a defender, it ne...
Good news lads, it seems that Samir will likely make it in time for the Barca clash according to a quote from Pellegrini. Tbh even if he doesnt, you guys have a...
Some people seem to think that if Suarez were to come in, he would make it rain with goals. Well sorry to burst your dreams, but the only reason Suarez is raini...
7 months ago
8 months ago
Eeber nominated Negredo (8') for Goal of the Week
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