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Ronaldos (R9&CR7), Zidane, Ozil, Big Benz
Ribery, Khedira, Aguero, Silva
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- Madrid, Milan, Man City...
- Barca, Chelsea, Everything ManU, Inter, Joey Barton
- Dumb people, arrogant people
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Not much to me really, just a simple guy who doesn't pledge loyalty to any club, because lets face it, clubs in my country are bullocks... I just like some clubs here and there, doesn't make me a hardcore fan or anything, ie Madrid
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I'm maybe wrong but I think RealFan is being sarcastic?! Hmm you can never know lol
3 years ago
I am too man, I can't wait till Sept.13, stupid international breaks :P. I think we can hope to make the top 3 this year (realistically). Btw I like the first...
Who Isco?, lol what are you smoking ?
I concur
I gotta say, Cristante was my light at the end of the tunnel, he was one of the few threads of hope left in the squad, to see him go like that makes me wanna cr...
I think our main priority shouldn't be a striker, but rather a creative midfielder/playmaker. Our attack isn't horrible, but it'll do if only we can get someone...
You know this might be good for us in the long run, Balotelli was a brilliant player with loads of potential but on the other hand very inconsistent. Disappeare...
Gutted to hear about Mario leaving, and for pennies too. £16 mill? lol Lukaku was £28 mill, and dont even get me started on Luiz, Shaw, Herrera, Lallana...etc...
Right you are, I forgot about the Coppa final.
4 years ago
With Ronaldo and Khedira back in the picture, along with Modric, Di maria and Bale being in form, it's not such a ridiculous statement like Cjayzz makes it out ...
We're not quite there yet unfortunately, we're 5 points away though, if we manage to win against Roma and Inter, we could very well be there.
Really can't go wrong with BBC, and the Di maria in the middle has been a beauty. Hope Benzema is fully fit, Lets do some damage.
Ozil is not the best midfielder or playmaker in the world, I say that as an Ozil fan. Look at D.Silva, Oscar, Gotze, Mkhitaryan all of which are imho better tha...
@Pejvl, Benz headed alot of balls in the net this season, I think we're ok from that aspect. But I do think we need a back up striker who's quality. Not Cavani ...
Arsenal lack depth, they have Ox as a DM which is odd. Bayern will win today, Ribery is back to form, him and Robben on the flanks, Thiago and Bastian as the an...
I'd hate to see Atleti plunge from the title race, but I think we will have enough resentment(for beating us at home lol) and hunger to annihilate them 3-0/4-0....
Rajmahal, yeah you really should -_-
I think Dougie walked right into that one lol
I don't think there's ever been a time where Arsenal needed Ramsey this badly. FFS come back already !! lol
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