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Edi3000 wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
"United started stronger, with Hernandez nearly hitting the net on four minutes for the LaLiga champions Atletico Madrid" !?!?! who wrote this?? kmt
3 years ago
4 years ago
Japan went Super-saiyan in the second half..... that second goal...very Catalanesque
"It was as clear as the mole on Cindy Crawford's face" - Ray Hudson.... The "king" of similes lol
The occasion warranted that lil tantrum.... was a stone cold penalty , but you're right...priceless comedy.. i'm surprised he did not cry lol
This is a stupid way to look at it...letting those players go did not stop united from winning trophies.pogba had the wrong attitude, so did Tevez ,as Man City ...
Andros Towsend is beast
Welbeck is quality and lampard needs to give way for carrick..
Bravest and stupidest thing i've seen since my mate decided to make a halloween ghost costume out of a bed sheet and went trick o treating in a black neighbourh...
John newman - love me again
In a couple of years he will be England's best striker...., he is good on the ball, he's bulked up and is stronger now... his positional awareness is improving,...
He is not american lol... he is english..... Ray Hudson...three seasons with newcastle united in the 70s. He has a major man crush for Messi but his commentarie...
Watch out for Andros Townsend.... if he cuts out the diving , he is looking beastly with those runs and that left foot thunder.
Andros Townsend is looking promising.... beast in the making...a bit more composure with the finish and Spurs won't miss Bale much... dribbling and a ferocious ...
Aston villa are looking dangerous....they will course butt hurt to a few teams.... mid table season for them i thin; if Benteke stays fit
Because he was the only player on the pitch right? and he stops the goals from going in and passes the ball to himself
Think people are reading too much into Rooney not celebrating with the others. a lot has happened and it'll take a bit of time for him to win back the respect o...
I don't think it is bias.... it is about the significance of Welbeck scoring. Most of united highlights last season was the RVP show, so i think it is refreshin...
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