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United sucks
8 years ago
By the way I am from Flagstaff, Arizona
Even though you hate liverpool fans, you should be my friend. Because I don't have any and I get lonely sometimes...haha
Add me! :)
HEll ya USA!!! and brazil of course my love advances!! thats what im talking about ...
Exactly what i was thinkig..
SAD SAD SAD..they gave us a good ten first minutes and thats it... but hey thats soccer....bad night...STill the love of my life...hail man U! IF YOUR A MAN U ...
9 years ago
DAMN BARCELONA! i was afraid that they were gonna score on their first possession towards goal and take over....Not the greatest MAN U game but hey thats soccer...
I hope messi breaks a leg!!
I hope messi breaks a leg!!
NEVER!!! he already announced he wasnt going to leave lol..look it up
NEVER!!! he already announced he wasnt going to leave lol..look it up
Brazil=love! I will never forget the final at the the World cup when ronaldo scored those two goals and kaka's goal vs japan.
Where in the USA do you live??
Liverpool lost cause they can never match up to MANCHESTER UNITED!!!!!!!! what did they win this year or the last couple....lol.. They need a monumental coach ...
I had high hopes for Bayern this year but we will see what happens next year!
Wednesday Night is the day we all have been waiting for !! Christiano Ronaldo can be given footballler of the year again if they win
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