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Man U need to look more into their youngsters. They gave Januzaj a try and look how well he turned out! Instead of wasting money on a 25m 18 year old, look in t...
MArcelo of real madrid and fernando llorente
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Its a lack of toress' help/ they are playing with 10
Naaaaa were gonna win at least by 1 goal but we'll win :) HALA MADRID
Real us winning percentage wise idont know. but its small possibility that they will tie or lose
Somewhere on FootyTube
Real madrid needs to see that Gago is a great player. Lass isnt so much. they should sell lass to liverpool and keep gago all the way
7 years ago
He got upp toooo crazy defender pepe. good as hell tho
Lets go Real 5 more pts
Babas your just a hater bro at least real wins trophies un like arsenal that hasnt won for like PRONKERS said 5 Years
Albiol should play not arbeloa
I reall dont want adebayor here :/ he just doesnt seem like hes close to being good enough for the club
Hes a selfish little bastard
Truthfully villareal are good i wont deny them that but when it comes to defending ozil di maria and ronaldo they wont be able to stop them. im going to say 2-0...
Idk it will be a good game both inter and bayern are great teams
You are dumb..at least he scores unlike umm lets see..Anelka!
I love how good van nistlerooy is
Real madrid are so fckin dumb for ltting robben go
Never heard this guy talk before now
8 years ago
Ya exactlty
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