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5 years ago
For some reason, barca are not getting their way this season... i guess their luck is running out... but credit to milan.. pato's goal was real special... dats ...
6 years ago
That ball probably missed the corner of the post by an inch... perfect 90 degree goal... feel sorry for arsenal though... they almost had it
This messi guys is a real clown... lmfao...
7 years ago
R u for real.. after u see busquests pull that stunt again... wid pedro falling like a clown and oh god did someone chop alves's leg??? and did u guys mob the r...
Lol.. this messi guy is cracking me up... so freakin in denial... throw it up man throw it up
And u r the dumbest Ahole on this whole universe.. wut a muppet
And i don't see what's the fuss all about... they have the 2nd leg... so it ain't over yet... barca won coz real didn't attack and ofcourse all the dives and th...
And barcelona fans... please stop lying to urself... and consider the term overrated... *not just based on today's game.
That ain't crying little boy... it seems u missed the game
Man!!! this disgusts me... barca play brilliant football.. but time and time again... ppl like busquets keep doing that s**t.. and now pedro and alves joining t...
Stop whining... admit it... dives and gifted red cards won the game for you... GOSH!!! ppl can b soooo in denial...
Unlike barca-arsenal game.. this was a total wipeout... wut is up wid roma these days...
Dude.. u must b high... arsenal choked barca at emirates... so don't come n give us that bs... "not better than barca"... gosh!!!.. or did you NOT see the first...
Ok ppl... it was just bad bad bad referring... a match of this important.. and the ref pulls up the card for a silly foul which imo the ref didn't even see... t...
Don't throw stones when u r living in a glasshouse urself... wut makes u think things will get a LOT better for you.. lmaof... wut a clown!!!
Dude... u must b smoking too much pot!!! are u trying to relate this loss to some game we own 10,000 years ago???
Bad game... no excuses.. but gosh!!! look at all these clowns jumping up and down... couple of bad games... and you all come crawling out of your double standar...
Op... u mean god will not b wid the rest of the team and their fans??? and yeah... arsenal beat the crap out of barca... which implies that leyton way better th...
Another routine performance... feel sorry for the blues
Lol... typical scouser!!!
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