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Dzivri gave the Borussia Dortmund v Bayern München video a rating of 5
4 years ago
Dzivri gave the Nigeria v Spain video a rating of 5
Commentary is lame
Dzivri gave the Nigeria v Spain video a rating of 5
Dzivri just Watched
Jordan Vs. Oman
Dzivri just Watched
Italy Vs. Japan
Dzivri gave the Tahiti v Nigeria video a rating of 1
Dzivri gave the Spain v Uruguay video a rating of 4
Dzivri gave the Brazil v France video a rating of 1
Dzivri gave the Montenegro v Ukraine video a rating of 1
I hate stupid videos that don't show the goals in real time!!!
5 years ago
One chance, two goals. Lazy performance by Belgium. Macedonia were much better, although they didn't deserve to win by any means. Most of their half-ass chances...
Why was there no audience? Anything happen during their last match?
Why isn't this goal among the goals of the week on footytube?
Dutch is awesome: auuu and it counts! is in ova de leine? nein....or somethin like that :))
I've never seen a national team score so many goals from distance like UA.
Great highlights. every clip should show how the attacks evolved before goals were scored.
Although Real is my most despised team, I salute and congratulate them. I have not seen Barca outplayed like today in years. I blame it on the coach and bad dec...
This is a historic result. Puerto Rico is one of the absolute worst national teams in the history of the universe.
Really people, over 50% of you saw Portugal's performance as Awesome? Whatever happened to objectivity? The fact that Spain didn't play all that great doesn't m...
Hahahaha haven't had a such a nice laugh since the torres transfer
What a beautiful tournament! Those who played the best soccer actually made it through to the top 4. Both of these semies could easily have been finals. We saw ...
It was not boring, it was actually quite magical. t was fun to watch Spain's superiority and France's frustration and inability to make 2 passes. Portugal natur...
What a crap formation by the Dutch. Sucks when coaches are put under pressure to play all strikers. Huntelaar was useless and in the way of VDV. I would still ...
Disappointed to see empty seats
He waited until the 4th to run up to Pep and dedicate it to him on Pep's last day. Didn't do it after the 1st, didn't do it after the hat-trick. It's like he kn...
6 years ago
Seriously, who are these experts rating milan's game as Awesome? be objective when you rate people! leave your jerseys in the drawer. how awesome is setting you...
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