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3 years ago
Done with pique
Can someone help me with a stream?
It was lebron james like and over-react much?
4 years ago
I just want to say if you're profile pic is not you thanks for nothing you fake ass. otherwise, howdy doo, i'm single and am willing to buy you a plane ticket. ...
5 years ago
Gotta say it, the own goal was unlucky but still not a bad defensive job; pique played great! 100 percent serious; pique looked great; i'm excited for him. he g...
Has anyone else noticed all the handballs Pique has in big matches? I realize I'm picking him out of the bunch today but he really needs to get it together. Don...
Why would you call him a hipster TBS? weird. don't answer that either btw. glad we pulled off the win; not that impressed by the game tho.
I was thinking the whole game, if iniesta had more of a finishing and forward prowess to him people would be talking about iniesta and messi; not ronaldo and me...
Last comment; that's a very unpleasant way to look at a a football match. there's so much more going on in there and you can't just scrape off the officiating l...
In all fairness, dortmund would've gotten the bitterer end of it had the refs not messed up the 3rd goal. really this is all a big officiating mess. neither tea...
You don't know, as well as i don't know, what would've happened if the game wouldn've remained 1-1. it clearly did not matter as much as the dortmund goal given...
What? there were 4 players a full body offsides on the initial cross...the refs messed up on malaga's second goal too but malaga didn't need that goal. my point...
I agree with you slim. after the showing on saturday i'd say put alexis and cesc out there again to start with iniesta and see what happens. though they were a ...
@maaza, much harm done really because malaga didn't need the second goal with the away goal rule. it doesn't even things out to give another offsides goal at al...
Malaga's 2-1 goal did not matter nearly as much though. they would have gone through without it as long as they could've held onto the 1-1 draw.
dude i know, that was just crazy; 4 players offsides for dortmund...wow. not barely offsides either.
Did anyone else notice that 4 dortmund players were clearly offsides, i mean clearly, on that cross? that's just insane that that would go uncalled. i was initi...
My God that was awesome! Cesc and Alexis coming out the gate; loved it! Hoping to see more and more of Abidal too!
Been thinking this for a while, pique's over-confident and his defending is slack. had to say it.
Not sure how many Catholics or people that know stuff about Catholics are out there but I'm pretty sure the Cardinals caught the Barca game yesterday and saw Me...
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