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I have the same feeling but first i'd like to comment your poor football rules knowledge >> handball can't be given if player kicks the ball to his own hand. yo...
7 years ago
Conrats to mourinho - great tactics however, the refereeing was absolutly poor. 2 goals came from mistakes of the officials.
8 years ago
This is an international referee?!?!?!?!?!?! this is most ridiculous refereeing i've ever seen. i believe that referees can make mistakes and some bad dicisions...
Give attention to the slovenian referee - Damir Skomina. it's going to be next big referee from a small nation
2 red cards to blackburn dismissed :-) it's absolutly awful. there is at least one huge mistake by the referee in every match from premier league i watched in l...
None of the penalties should have been given.. 2 really big mistakes..
What exactly? you are just talking that he screwed something up but i don't see any mistake. please clarify
All of these penalties should have to be repeated. i would guess that all of them were taken in south america. there are poorly qualified referees
I agree with ray that officials should be punished for their wrong decisions. I'm refereeing at lower level in slovakia and for every wrong decision about red c...
Lubos michel has quit refereeing due to an injury..
It should have been penalty kick. there was no dive
Guys, according to what i've seen in the highlights i can say that the referee made great job.
Although the referee made just one mistake - penalty for Chelsea at the end of the first half for foul at kalou (+ at least yellow card / red would be more suit...
@Nasc38 joking? :-) the referee made excellent job. all red cards were justified - last player and clear second yellow cards (i haven't seen first bookings). et...
@Rayrulesohye penalty >> no intention to play with the ball so i don't understand how you can't see the faul have you ever played football? or at least run? h...
This goal should have been allowed.. there was no offside
Sorry. it's because of the golie assistent referee. in this case the position of the referee was ok
2 penalties not given - 1 for both teams. i don't see any purpose of these mock referees near goals. they did nothing to correct wrong decisions by the referee ...
Regarding referees >> 1st Bayern goal / penalty - right decision. referee is supposed not to wait for advantage by penalty and red card. it must be given straig...
I wouldn't blame ovrebo this time. it was AR's fault
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