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Henry is an asshole.. After that horrible tackle, he was senselessly arguing the red card while he should have been at least apologizing to the player he tackle...
7 years ago
This website is getting worse.. you are better off looking for videos yourself.. most of the videos they put up here are absolute rubbish..
I feel you man.. it's pretty annoying
It seemed to me like Cardozo was "hushing" his team's own crowds, wasn't he? Why did he do that?
What a bad start.. at home
For highlights of all matches in better quality copy and paste the link below: http://www.youtube.com/user/Videosport#p/u
Well done Bosnia!
Why is the same video in better quality on YouTube?
What Portugal needed after Scolari is another great manager not a loser.. Queiroz never succeeded with any team he had managed.. I have only one question: Is th...
I have always said that Mancini is not the right guy for a team like that.. I still believe that sacking Mark Hughes was the biggest mistake the new owners have...
I think it is foolish of Chelsea to let J.Cole go for free and buy Benayoun for almost 5m euro. I mean for god's sake there is no comparison.
Second goal for Spain was deflected as well.. Have a look again
8 years ago
Well... lots of things have changed in 8 years baby.. that team in WC 2002 was the worst in the history of Saudi football... we now have young talented players ...
What's wrong with Australian players trying to paralyze the players of every team they meet lately? Guys! It's not Australian rules football..
RVN could've torn up his shirt to little pieces and distributed it to all Standard players lol.. How popular is he? It is like they have met him for the first t...
I hope Valancia win the second leg..
Not a very bad result for Liverpool I guess..
I'm glad that Valancia are doing well this year despite all the financial difficulties they've been encountering in the last few years. I hope they keep up the ...
Why isn't there a logo for Alahli here? How can we add one?
Beautiful three goals.. Gourkoff and Chamakh are great players and deserve to play in bigger teams next season. I still can't believe AC Milan gave up on Gourc...
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