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But in the article, he said that he himself wants to stay. He will leave if the club doesn't want him anymore that's the only worry.
2 months ago
Http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/01/03/sergio-agueros-man-city-future-uncertain-admitting-club-will/ News coming back to the surface again. I would be ...
I don't know which press conference you guys watched? He didn't talk about city players but in general "That ref should be more responsible in response to harsh...
Dang I missed the game today. Glad that guys played so good. Any site where I can watch detailed highlights? Will be well appreciated:)
3 months ago
City vs Basel in champions league draw...sweet!!!
The part I hate on every United forum is" city got lucky we gifted them the goals and it should have been a draw or we should have won". Why are they forgetting...
And the nose crying starts!
What happened to kompany again... dang I am always scare of our defense and now it's mangala.
We knew that from the start but I am disappointed in the end from the goal :( Hope we can get an early lead in the 2nd half. Kind of scare of our defending.
Silva the beauty
I would like 1 more win to break the record and then go for a draw. lol
I believe part of it is also absence of highlights on this site so people go to different forums and discuss it there.
We are resting, it was a hard fought win. Lol
4 months ago
It's just because of their physicality we couldn't keep the ball for long and play our natural game. 2nd half the ball was in the air most of the time and they ...
5 months ago
Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling got child molested at the hand off Westbrook. Yaya was useless today. We got so lucky in this match :)
I will try but my ability to analyse game isn't too good that's why I come and read the analysis from you guys. Tomikato you used to breakdown the game really g...
6 months ago
They are all busy commenting on other forum. I used to like the post match analysis by some of my city mates but haven't found any in a while :(
3 years ago
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