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I want to see Ivanovic forward, he contributes much more attack than Azpi but he gets exploited, Willian is the guy that can protect Ivanovic
1 hour ago
We need Mikel's re placer
Http://goo.gl/vr6TPJ you just cant stop him
14 hours ago
Why arent we interested in Cabaye, he said he wants to come to the BPL
"He invited us to eat at his house many times, I really liked his kebab. The whole team would go round to his house for dinner." just for the kebab, get Turan
Really hope he does well at Sporting
17 hours ago
All that hype he had when he made his CL debut .
I feel bad for Remy,i fear he will be our 3rd striker
20 hours ago
Salah is only one that will leave, Willian and Oscar to important for the team
Just do it
1 day ago
Bale - Oscar (1st half of the season )- Hazard Costa this attack will tear teams up
Another Atheltico player, buy him now
He is like Hazard
2 days ago
He might have been a c**t but he was good what he did
Sissoko would be good
Shaqiri to Stoke :(
If we get someone like Turan, there will be less pressure on Hazard as defenders will also man mark Turan, 28 mill is too much
3 days ago
We should buy Turan, he is in his prime , he is very calm on the ball , he 's a good passer , and he is a great dribbler, he is like Hazard except for the pace ...
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