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Should of scored more goals, Rudi needs to stay calm, Morata offers nothing, Cesc is a great back up for Jorginho
3 days ago
Hope Pedro is ok
Yes, 3 defeats in a row, remember the pundits were praising them crazily after defeating Man U and saying they didn't need anyone haha
5 days ago
That's very true, i remember under Mou, Conte where he always passed when he had the option to shoot and Morata, Bakayoko missing them
I think Mou and Conte did use Hazard to his potential and Hazard has adapted very well from defensive style and offensive style and kudos to Martinez to captain...
6 days ago
Only if we fix up our defense,
1 week ago
If Hazard is bagging in hattricks week in week out, i wouldn't mind but i aagree with @Obino
Sarri has said that he will name his 'captain' soon and he has already selected Azpi or Hazard
I dont think we should change anything, our team still needs to gel and we're progressing nicely
Messi didn't even loose a game in the league when he played and the one game he didn't play Barca lost, Messi should've been there no doubt
2 weeks ago
Ampodu got his first assist for Wales He is still not 18 Congrats
I thought that Matic ( Maybe Mourinho but a huge portion still likes him ) would be the most hated guy but Tbo makes Matic look like an angle
It depends which Spurs you get, the one that's blowing away Man U or the one getting blown away by Watford i think Salah will score for you guys, his 2nd goal ...
If Rafa uses 5 at the back it's going to be hard for any team to score unless set piece or individual brilliance
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