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5 years ago
I'm not gonna lie, I really love torres. I just want him to score so badly that when he does it's just f*****g amazing. And he really works hard and makes a ton...
I think he played very well, especially considering that it was his first game. It's really tough to make a debut, and he put in a very high work rate as well a...
I can't tell if the red bulls offense is ridiculously awesome or if the defending throughout the league is atrocious, but either way, it's so fun to watch. Keep...
6 years ago
I just don't get it. What is the point anymore. It would be literally impossible to find someone who thought that that was worthy of a red. Who are these people...
You really do show a good point. i didn't really think of it that way. I really hope they don't fire him though, because bringing in another new guy who doesn't...
I gotta say i agree with MGLBarbarian. Yes torres has had a few chances that he's missed, but i dont know. He is really really valuable to the team despite not...
Especially in the defense. I think the defenders have too much of an attacking mentality, and they too often try to dribble or play their ways out of trouble. I...
I think people (especially chelsea fans) should stop suggesting things for their manager to do, like put this guy in and take this guy out. The whole team is re...
I use this team all the time in fifa they're so good, i love when the underdog wins. good luck cska in the second leg!
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