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Pretty sure Diego Costa has a better goalscoring record for '13-'14 than at least Ribery (but probably also Suarez and Messi). 19 games, 18 goals
Dreadlord nominated T. Henry (24') for Goal of the Week
Huh. I think this game made footytube wet its panties! The 'high-scoring' category is just 4 links to here.
Not typical in that kind of a situation. Fairly sure if Barca hadn't already won the game at that point, he would have passed. By that time though, he was visi...
You three should restart Heaven's Gate.
It's a great line, but he's used it before... Old Ray better not be running dry - the game will never be the same.
Sick stuff from Atletico. Villa in beast-mode! I think the move has been good for him - hadn't been getting as much playing time as he should have at Barca sinc...
Yeah Mkhitaryan! Also nice to see some armenian-turk love.
Yeah Mkhitaryan!
You are our best friend in the region :) If only we hadn't lost to Malta at home.... could have had a chance. So dumb.... (also Balotelli was offsides, but who ...
Well..... God is not quite from Catalonia (from Rosario, actually), but he spends a lot of time there.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Casillas to Barca? hahahaha
5 years ago
Apparently, as of about a month ago, you can vote on footytube like 500 times... so it's probably couple ppl.
FYI, it doesn't matter if it's a pass or a rebounded shot for the offside rule. If a ball leaves your teammate's foot when you're in an offside position and y...
Welbeck was easily the best player on the pitch. Scored a goal, was very threatening, and had so many steals!
It was a quality goal... not as amazing as Jordi Alba's masterpiece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezQDP9DPiQ0 (which held goal of the week for quite a while),...
Well, Villa getting injured for 7 months at the age of 31 didn't help and pretty sure the plan is to sell him at the end of the season. That said, he definitely...
Yeah, we should just swap Pique with Alexis.
Agreed - Malaga basically played better in the second half and didn't just turtle, but kept up the heat after going down to 10. I have the highest respect for M...
Shiiiiiiiit. Pep to Munich!?!?! That should be interesting.
Suarez may have made more of what was there, but the defender was playing dumb by so obviously pulling his shirt in the box to begin with.
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