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American but I grew up in 3 differnet african countries and England. Currently going to college.
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Chelsea Vs. PSG
Dre10 just Watched
Vitesse Vs. NEC
A bitter american bandwagoning Barca fan... who supports more teams than years he has lived... and trolls on other teams pages to gloat. Excuse me while I laugh...
5 years ago
Average age of the Chelsea squad: 23. Just saying.
@KarinT Line Up vs Undinese: Reina, Johnson, Coates, Carragher, Robinson, Henderson (Gerrard 65), Allen, Shelvey, Downing, Borini (Sterling 79), Assaidi (Suarez...
Why you mad bro. Chill bro. And since you clearly own football do I have to ask permission to play tomorrow?
Class fan, thank you for your well wishes. Your a shining light compared to many of your fellow fans (Not just of Barca either).
6 years ago
Correction Van Persie deserves it.
How is this Chelsea's fault? Its the refs fault and more importantly FIFA, UEFA, and the FA's fault for taking so long to implement goal line technology.
I think its pretty close, the media is portraying it like it was a completely horrible decision but it doesnt look like that bad of a decision from the picture....
First why is the commentator yelling at me. Second the movement Ronaldo gets on the ball is sickening, poor Courtois.
Why you so mad bro? And why should I support a team simply on how successful they are. I supported Chelsea before Abramovich took over, when did you start suppo...
Im sorry i stopped reading as soon as you called football soccer. http://humorswitch.com/17732/football-in-different-languages-but-america-fk-yeah/
Diarrhea of the Mouth
I think the criticism of Sturridge is harsh. He was very selfish yes, but after the match Cahill was talking about how Sturridge was wearing a pray 4 Muamba shi...
He made the conscious decision to take it early, offside is the referee error, something any footy fan is well used to. I looked at the rules and there isnt any...
I love messi but it was a cheap goal. Im not gonna deny the skill it took it was a lovely free kick but the fact that he took it while courtois was setting up t...
The point can be made that some teams get more favorable calls then others though. I completely accept that refs are human and make errors but when its constant...
Courtois was still setting up his wall. Messi that was low.
2 cool votes to ya! :D
Im sorry that your craving for attention drives you to insult other nations on a footy site. Then you have the audacity to say "don't like the politics? dont re...
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