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You said to not blame the manager, but still you say the weaknesses are cleverly young valencia welbeck.. but every week you see them playing? whos at fault no...
Moyes is dumb.. moyes likes to play ugly football, moyes has no idea what he is doing, moyes doesnt know how to use his players.. seriously.. he sees nothing go...
Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact same f*****g thing over and over again, expecting... s**t to change. -vaas ...
The fuq man? again young? kagawa not even on bench.. and you wanna win with average players like young welbeck cleverley?.. dude seriously there is something wr...
Well put yourself in his place, you are a world class player, at the end of your career, what would you want? nothing? or a trophy? this is what he wanted, and ...
Van persie on his 1st season at manutd scored against arsenal, he didnt celebrate because he respected the arsenal fans etc... still he got treated as a traitor...
Man, whats wrong with moyes.. does he have something against kagawa.?? how do you want him to feel confident, if you always sub him! moyes please dont treat him...
I know moyes is the boss. but damn whats wrong with him.. playing young over nani, and welbeck over kagawa! kagawa can bring a lot to UTD..! but he wont bring i...
5 years ago
For me english premier league is the best league in the world.. look at the celebrations for 4th place, means a lot to them..! its always so close and tough..! ...
I feel sad for lindergaard..maybe lack of games made him quite fragile.. if he ever leaves, ill wish him the best, he did some brilliant saves too before :) i e...
No no guys, no offence.. but he still has respect for arsenal.. otherwise he would have celebrated.. but you know, as player.. when your career ends its not abo...
Luis suarez is a very good player nobody can deny that, but if he doesnt change his ways, he will always have people on his back he is hated by much, 10 games i...
RVP.. booed by the arsenal fans, still doesn't celebrate respect :)
Anybody here likes carrick's pass better than the goal? :P
Yep he was treated badly.. but what does rafa has to do with this.. he didnt do anything. why treat him like that? because he was once a kop?
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Have you guys ever received a ball in the face or head from a long range shot? well it hurts . now just think that you get hit with a ball in the head from such...
WHERE ARE THE 'RAFA OUT' banners now??? you'll praise rafa in the future you'll see.. plastics :3
:) torres is my second favorite player after berbatov coming from a manutd fan.! :)
Should play lampard much more damn.. lampard is like gerrard for liverpool and scholes for manutd
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