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Wonderful team game... no selfish play , everyone aware of where the other guys are , maintaining possession over making stupid shots ... brilliant performance
6 years ago
Well played gunners... good to see the verminator again. We still need work on set pieces. marking was shoddy. excellent vision from gervinho a real threat on t...
Well , that rules out any chance of richard branson sponsoring arsenal. you can't have "virgin" on your jersey if you're getting f***ed every other game. Cr...
Wonderful game. we still need some work on defense - udinese kept breaking through on the right flank with one-twos but fantastic work overall. kudos to gervinh...
Seriously , we have better things to do. Your team was a class apart during the final , and true fans of any team always applaud good football. agree with corne...
7 years ago
Amazing game. hard luck blackpool, but really enjoyed watching you guys this season in the EPL. hope to see u again soon. exceptional football from all of you. ...
Time to cut our losses and sell squilacci. the dude is absolute rubbish. we need more defensive commitment - if you can't pull off a simple offside trap at this...
Watching gomes keep is like einstein flunking a first grade math exam. the guy pulled off some fabulous saves throughout the game and you expect a whole new lev...
Exceptional game man utd. sloppy defending to let in the first goal , but full credit to valencia for a great finish. Hard luck schalke. good play by anderson. ...
Great game gunners. Stupid refereeing ( what else is new) , but a fair result , though vidic getting sent off would've spiced up the match with chelsea.Exceptio...
Hard luck spurs ( snigger ... snigger...belly laugh..). Gomez is giving almunia a run for his money and that's coming from a gunners fan. Although i have to adm...
Last i checked refs weren't supposed to consider past behavior while handing out cards ... or is " he kicked me last week" enough to get you a yellow now? karma...
87 minutes of god given sleep wasted ( have to stay up to watch CLmatches here). UGLY , UGLY football from both sides. ok , mourinho made no bones about parking...
Be sure to tell that to SAF when he blasts refs for booking his precious chicharito
Should have been ours ... idiotic linesman screwed it up. i don't think its fair that we criticize the boys for not putting away more , the missed chances were ...
Oh. the readers digest version - both teams - good . nani plays well but cries like a girl. dives all around bad. (caveman grunt)
Well played to both teams though the finishing was lacking on both ends ... although newcastle has an excuse in that they played a bit like an away team at home...
Great show stoke ! fantastic game. a lot of people are probably wandering around with empty pockets after betting against the potters , muttering " how was that...
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