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Suarez is a superstar, as is meireles, they make a really good combination. gerrard still not in top shape, carroll to come in.... if only this was the start of...
7 years ago
That is an absolute joke. that is rubbish berbatpv. webbe is the worst ref going around. good from kenny, and amazing by pepe reina.
Why would anyone put Rutube videos up ? any other good ones ?
JESUS JUST SHOOT THE BALL !!!! get konchesky outta here what is maxi doing in this team? pass of year by torres.... to be ruined by maxi
Better. but we still have to improve so much more to get something decent out of this year, next week will be a much harder game, but i think that if we play ou...
That was better (:
The most dissapointing thing for supporters and for old timers like gerrard and carra is the lack of heart in this liverpool team. we never had the most skillfu...
Please tell roy that ? i think you should be the new manager :D
How frusstrating it is to be a liverpool fan. our defence is absolute rubbsih. poulsen is a joke.
Thank god for reina johnson was rubbish. where is meireles ? he's better than poulsen
What a gaammee !!!! goood stuff everton , cahill is a gun. i reckon nani is a better version of ronaldo,nani sticks mainly to the basics, ronaldo is just a show...
Gee that was a good game, amazing goal by Manuel Fernandes !! potugal's defense is so bad !
Damn rooney's a star. walcott is quiiicckk. joe hart is amazing. defoe is a good finisher. gerrard is forever young. why can't england get a good team going ?
Ahahhaha teveeeeeeeeez ! good work champ ! man city have too much money for their own good, try getting a team going boys !!!!!
Sjgdfffffl;kjgsdfgdsfgsjgfhfgsgasdger,hjghfeajhajkfdhthe! the skill and talent in the barca team is ridiculous ! three brilliant goals! reckkoon' the treble is ...
:O i want to be gareth bale HE IS A STAAARRRRRR !!
How bad was assou-ekotto :| ahahaa and what does defoe have on his head, is that supposed to look good ? what a nong !
Geeeee ! good effort by gerrard to beat hungary, dunno what the rest of his team was doing !
Dawson looked reaally slow this game great goal by Pavlyuchenko though :D
Reina was heaps unluckky, and he had saved our arse already before that, so i am not complaining. n'gog looks like he has improved a lot, i think he can hold do...
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