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5 years ago
I have to admit Ronaldo has grown up a lot this year. His assist at the end was amazing.
I can only thin of Martinez in the Bundesliga? Who else? You had Raul a couple years back. No one I can think of in Italy except Bojan whose career is flushing ...
Not only that, look at the number of Spanish players in the top EPL teams. Silva, Torres, Mata, Michu, Cazorla and there's more. Imagine they played in La Liga?...
I'm not an advocate of the way we've been playing since the 10-11 season the last time we won the champions league. Playing "piggy in the middle" 40 yards away ...
Hahahahah no no it's all good. I'm not like that. I'm a big fan but not biased. I even criticized Messi and the Barcelona system when he broke the goal scoring ...
Lol well last year was their year this year is probably your year but until both clubs stop embarrassing themselves in Europe you're both even at the moment.
That's what I'm saying dude lol didn't you read what I said?
What do you want them to say?
@Sayrox: yes Barcelona were being huge hypocrites with the refereeing last year. Blaming almost every loss or tie on the referee. I even recall Guardiola coming...
Imagine what would happen against Real Madrid or Barcelona. They better get their s**t togetther and get it fast. Like two months fast.
Fergie is the biggest hypocrite when it comes to refereeing anyways.
Messi's achievements are stalling a lot of the other player's development. What happened to Pedro and Villa? Two years ago they played stellar alongside Messi. ...
I honestly don't think Sanchez tried to dive. I think he just slipped. I don't why the referee gave a penalty. Everyone in the stadium and on tv saw that wasn't...
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Of course it does what did you think won it? Man city's heart?
We can put is this way if you'd like Falcao of EL = Ronaldo of La Liga games vs. mid-table and below teams. Just kidding! He was great but you have to admit Mes...
6 years ago
Dude you you won your first La liga in three seasons calm down.
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Mancini influenced the refereeing in the game? Mr. Ferguson you'be been doing it for 20 years.
Exactly! Why's everyone so bashful? He's the s**t!
Yup that's exactly what it was.
I'm not so thrilled. Trying to play football is one thing. Not showing up is another. I would be thrilled if we beat Chelsea. This was a bullshit game.
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