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4 months ago
If you have the slightest clue to who i am , i will be so happy. :D hope your well old friend.
I apologize if this is a re-post. Very exciting times for LFC fanatics. Rejoice, for we have earned it. Peace footy ninjas
Nice panna from Jordan.
I am worried by our defense and our closing down in midfield. But what concerns me most is the lack of simple communication between us. Every game is a learni...
Gerrard with the Panna and beautiful cross field ball to Johnson to start the attack. Playing out of his socks right now. Beautiful ball from Hendo. Classy fi...
Is there anyone better in the world at providing service, from set pieces, than Steven Gerrard? The shape on that ball for Super ninja Skrtel was amazing. Pure...
6 months ago
I agree with you both, his work rate is first class, and there are times when he really, really impresses me. I love his desire. I don't think he is a natural...
He was playing much better early on in the season. He certainly doesn't look very good on the wing though. Always works hard though, and can pass the ball a b...
My thoughts exactly
8 months ago
Great photo hahaha
11 months ago
Sturridge has been playing fantastic footy recently as well, good call Goiko. Both Dannys scored today :)
12 months ago
My favorite part about Borini's goal was the scream he let out as it hit the the back of the net. Sounded like the sound a gladiator would make as he runs his ...
Our squad is very exciting at the moment, lot of really good young talent. Hopefully it all comes together for us next season, we need consistency and that rut...
I know most people will be giving MOTM to Coutinho, and that would be warranted, he was brilliant, but I think Hendo deserves it. Two goals, an assist and his ...
How has Juninho been playing, just wondering?
We really needed to win this match. No we really have no chance for top four spot. f**k....f**k. We were lacking intent all match, too many touches going no...
1 year ago
Coutinho brilliant. Play the ball or hit it Glen!!
If it's a dive it is a dive, but I don't think it was a dive at all. Have to see it again. When anyone is accused of diving who actually didn't dive I don't l...
No way did he dive. Definitely contact, he was taken down. Whether Tomkins got the ball or not is a different story. But f**k no he didn't dive. that's your ...
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