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Doggotbitm wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
What a load of bull
5 years ago
This is why i still keep faith with inter. we may not always be the best, but they do their best to deliver for their fans. at least we get to end the season wi...
6 years ago
Unlike every other butthurt fan here, I have to agree with this blog post. I feel that this is almost a global epidemic. If you look at leagues like Serie A, wh...
Nope. it was that one sided. i sometimes wonder what games people watch when they comment on here.
Booked players? you mean players unjustly kicked out for not yet proven accusations of them taken performance enhancers? yeah. cool story bro.
WHAT THE f**k? first of all, wrong comment to post this on. second Estadio Azteca is the name. and third its in Mexico City in Mexico (hence the title Azteca be...
And it was still garbage no offense. good goals but you have to admit they were still being ran over by mexico.
Hes half mexican half brazilian but born and raised in mexico.
Cuz there wasnt much room for him at the time. they had dinho, messi, etoo iniesta and a few others in attack. didnt get to play much really.
Okay so first off, i have to say it. great effin goal by dos santos. on to my next point. US fans. please, STOP MAKING EXCUSES. last time we beat you 5-0 you al...
@antunex im not gonna lie to you at first i was gonna talk s**t to you cuz i thought you were gonna say "its been in the game so deal with it" but no i totally ...
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Too bad its not about market value its about getting the result (without referees help) and plus didnt switzerland beat spain? so there was nothing wrong with t...
WHO THE f**k CARES WHETHER PIQUE TRIPPED HIM OR NOT??!! point is it mascherano wasnt fouled, barcelona knew it, he knew it, the fans knew it, ronaldo knew it, t...
And also, there was no card resulting in the foul abate was called for. so please dont compare.
Oh and one more thing rodney. i saw that video, yeah he fell over and grabbed his face, but uhm... he got hit. i know it was an intentional flop but that is in ...
Rodney get a life i have seen you comment on so many of these real vs barca flame wars. stop being a troll and defending your precious little barca. the fact th...
@rodney cool story bro could have happened but it didnt you dont red card people for a tackle that could have happened dumbass
COOL STORY BRO after a penalty less semi vs chelsea, after an absolute disgusting dive by busquets vs inter, after a ghost redcard for van persie, after an abso...
Higuain is still so much better. his stats speak for themselves. anyone would rather have higuain. way more efficient and consistant.
What a good man.
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