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Good point for Grampus. Back-to-back titles on their way! :-)
6 years ago
Yeahhh!!! Come on you Irons! Hugely important victory.
7 years ago
Poor refereeing decision in sending off Albelda changed the game. Lucky for Real Madrid. Big teams always get the big decisions...
Thank God for that! Had almost forgotton what winning felt like.
Best thing about this video is at 2.32
Totally battered them in the second half, and but for that very dodgy handball decision, we'd have won. Still, 5 unbeaten and we're moving in the right directio...
Agreed, definite dive. Keane is one of the biggest cheats in the game, constantly appealing for penalties and moaning at the ref.
Most importantly, far far more refereeing decisions in your favour. Got to be unbelievable at one stage, Marriner has to be the poorest ref in the Premier Leagu...
Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!! Fantastic performance, amazing atmosphere, and Greeno giving it large to the Spuds fans at the end was brilliant. He des...
In what way was the second goal lucky to be given? Did you only watch the beginning of the video and thought the foul on Howard where it dribbled into the net w...
Lol the crowd noise on this video is so fake, clearly added afterwards.
Just that Ferguson said you have injuries as well, and the 1-0 win the previous match was more than a bit fortunate. Philadelphia and Kansas City are also two o...
Great game, shame Nagoya couldn't quite put them away. Still, a good season so far for Grampus :-)
Man Utd looking poor in pre-season so far...
Yokatta :-) Well done Japan.
Awful game.
Agreed, don't see what they add to the atmosphere.
They always enjoy making us sound like we're all arrogant and think we're going to win the World Cup, when of course the reality is England fans are actually pr...
1, 2, 3 only just beat UAE.
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