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That build up and honda's finish was pure class
4 years ago
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Dnomnom just Watched
Dnomnom just Watched
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"...uh, uh.. Great vision! And a crystal ball!" What a nut, pun intended
I've been saying this for awhile, but they should make a second tier World Cup with teams like San Marino, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Oceania, and others that get w...
How sick was that set play? Fun game to watch
5 years ago
Did anyone see the sniper that got Kelly get at 5:47? He just ate s**t
6 years ago
"he may be cast in bronze, but he is still capable of producing truly golden moments" Gotta love British sportscasters. And Henry of course
Never touch a black man's hair without his permission. Comon charlie adam didn't you learn anything from the 60s? Or Rush Hour?
The commentator sounds like he's drowning when announcing that goal
After beating 3 guys and making a perfect pass to alexis, messi gets the sh*t tackled out of him and he still doesnt fall. what a baller
Moostache power!
It was a good strike too.. wouldve ruined his day
Goalie almost got nutted by suarez
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