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Italy Vs. Japan
10 months ago
Hate to take away credit from Pirlo's goal, it was a beautiful goal. But what was the keeper doing? He moved his hands AWAY from the ball. He probably could hav...
11 months ago
12 months ago
@Theyounggunner, Collins got the last touch was directly involved in the play and,therefore it isn't offside. How is he directly involved in play? The slight re...
Best Highlights here (23 minutes, 720p)
1 year ago
Not that it makes much difference, but isn't the 3rd goal offside?
What an amazing game by Celtic against Barca. They should be really proud of themselves. And the atmosphere in that stadium ...unbelievable. Celtic has got some...
Poland and Russia haven't been racist so far. You (Della) on the other hand are racist by discriminating a country for their "racism". And, btw, i'm from a neu...
Good game croatia
The epl and la liga are totally different leagues. yes they both have very good teams, but its the style of play. David de Gea is a perfect example of a la liga...
2 years ago
Amazing goals from both crouch and yaya toure. I'll expect at least one of those goals will make the top 10 goals of the season.and good performance by stoke!
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