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Same story for arsenal and wenger.. season in and season out.. I'm not sure the club is too concerned about winning things..
4 years ago
As long as u got fergie that is
5 years ago
We've been having a bad run.. and a game at the whitesperm lane didnt' help.. 2-1 is ok.. c'mon gunners.. passion passion passion.. look at liverpool they're ha...
Worst signings? cazorla and podolski are amazing.. hey you lose some at least we didnt lose by 5 to 2 : p
Monreal assist! i think we should add more quality players next season.. i mean we lost nasri, clichy, persie and song.. cazorla, podolski, arteta, giroud all g...
I think that's what they see.. Wenger's doing alright and we're making money.. end of story.. GAY
If we would've kept Song, Persie.. and now with Podolski, Cazorla, Giroud.. and buy some more decent players.. I dunno Wenger (or maybe Wenger plus some other a...
Wenger is a world class manager.. i dun think firing him is the best solution for arsenal.. if we sack him who are we gonna hire? benitez? mourinho? who? that...
Take it easy bro
Celtics manager was bit of a sore loser bout it too.. told players to watch out for refferee? shldve told them to play a better game..
Gotta feeling someone payed for that red card
Maybe if he told the players to play better instead of focusing on the reffs decisions they could've done better what a pu**y!
But i think also the fact that arsenal has this idea of being a club that is also a business.. doesn't help.. we sold persie and song.. I mean.. they should try...
Easier said than done but I think if Arsenal won just like one trophy, any trophy... sunday league whatever... it would get this burden of losing things and not...
Thats why no one likes MU fans! Hazard didn't deserve the red card
Valencia's defending was pretty s**t
Correction, Mayor Humus
Sometimes i feel like when arsenal attacks its kind of like we dont really know what we're doing or what we wanna do next... sagna crossing.. can't really cross...
We lose persie, walcott shines. Wenger really knows how to build players...
Well.. Girouds a striker and always has been. Theo was on the right for most of his career, but man he's useful as Fk! for both positions!
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