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Djbeltiburon nominated K. Honda (60') for Goal of the Week
Anyone think there is any truth to the Fabregas - Man U rumours? How about Bale.. do we need him more than a Fabregas-type?
NIKE boots! What a surprise! It's not as though my t-shirt and jumper are from nike!
5 years ago
Would be a shame to lose the guy.. the epl needs megastars.. bale could be leaving.. then who else do we have? RVP.. and??? benteke? ba? michu? lambert????? rea...
Would you rather have 72 hours of invisibility or flying?
Beam me up, Scotty! :)
The only apropos reply :)..
Brilliant... Everton have been an amazing. Cheers to David Moyes.. I wish they would get into the CL.. probably impossible.. but i wish..
Here bally-bally..
Adkins didn't deserve the sack. Shame; the man looked like a clever bloke.
It's a ball! Hallelujah!
Should happen for Germany, considering Ozil, Gotze, Podolski, Schweini, Khedira, Kroos, etc, will be hitting their peak or getting close.. Still Spain are an im...
What a game.. referee screwed stoke over.. super super goal by jerome..
Cavani is beter than suarez, higuan, and most other striker-- combined.. worth the footytube $$ i paid for him to be on my team :).. f****n beast
Somewhere on FootyTube
BTW ppl highlights: (10 min) Also, ronnie was crying cuz his dad died recently
Dont show them my secret..
"Look away," "I got robbined."
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