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I am not only mad at him for his Arsenal related views tho. What he said about Chicarito was BS too. Especially for a guy who almost always celebrated in an arr...
5 hours ago
Thierry Henry was good for the first couple of weeks. Until he started making non-sensical statements. Sort it out mate.
6 hours ago
Who really cares about him anymore really? He is just some guy who used to play for Arsenal. But I appreciate that he is still is respectful towards the club un...
I wasn't convinced before, but now I am sure. Henry can forget about managing Arsenal in the future. Guy would be lucky to manage a league 2 side tbh.
Mouriniho is such as troll. I don't know why that guy can't be more gracious. People would respect him more.
Bae ;DD
Lol I wasn't sure wether to get a ticket or not, wanted to wait till 1st leg to see how it pans out but oh well xD Hope we can do it :DDDD
4 days ago
I refuse to believe our team is not good enough to get past the round 16 on the champions league. Especially when we play teams like Monaco. Not getting past Mo...
Naa we should have been there mate, if it wasn't for Merty fu*king up, we would have been.
Angel Gabriel will score the goal and punish chelsea for their sins. I can feel it.
5 days ago
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