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Hello Welcome back. I remember you :D
4 years ago
I will always respect him. He might be passed his prime but he is still one of my fav RB ever
Some want suarez? I hate teams with suarez on it! (dramatic, but yea)
I am talking about Real Madrid vs Barcelona in the competitions... And in la liga, Ronaldo came out on top.
I would rather bite my face
I really couldnt look through the article for up to one min cause it was about more flair this, speed that... I was expecting more of why I think ronaldo should...
I think because he was asked to play attractive football... not a defensive oriented style that madrid doesnt play
Honestly I wasnt happy about a lot of things this season. -I like mou but he can be an ass. Am not surprised because he just gets out of hand when things dont ...
5 years ago
I'll pray for your uncle and for your family. best wishes
I might not be allowed to do it here but I do it everyday to my Arsenal fan friends. I make fun of them so much and I dont even care if its disrespectful becaus...
Well this rounds up a very bad season filled with drama and nonsense. Good night people and good luck.
Hopefully everybody can celebrate tomorrow about "one" good thing this season
We shot both foot in the first leg... I couldnt get myself to watch this match unless we went 2-0 up early
I did not like ronaldo in man u but to compare this ronaldo to suarez is to stick a molten rod so far up the ass of human morals.
I have always hated suarez... i think i even said it a year ago during the racist nonsense he pulled with evra. I hate him so bad, the most hated player i have ...
I have marked your words Madbra. And any team that wins this champions league would be the best team in the world to me till next year
I finally got the tie i have been asking for ... A bayern vs Barca match. Ive just always wanted to see these guys play and how they would cope against each oth...
@White.... epic
Funny. I just read the slims post... much more detailed too
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