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1 month ago
I can't argue with your logic there tomi :) plus, i probably deserve to have to support a guy like pepe after all the crap i gave my buddies who are liverpool ...
He's a terrible human being though. there's more to life than trophies.
... for 100 million (plus an additional 50 after appearances).
2 months ago
Google knows
^can't argue with that. chelsea's sustainable football model over the past decade has been a shining example for those clubs looking to break even and remain co...
^^HA! Touche my friend.
"How about the club says Yaya stays at the club if that c**t agent is fired." lol.
No one is bigger than the club
^ but not silva and navas. he's only ever gonna be a bit part player until injury hits or rotation time (which doesn't happen often). if he chooses to go i unde...
FFP is an attempt to ensure the rich and powerful stay that way, and prevent others from challenging them. It's pure self interest - as is our objection to it.
Agree! or a salary cap... simple. ffp is a fallacy.
Gotta love uefa. Make rules, clubs abide by them. Change rules and then punish clubs retrospectively for not abiding by the new rules in the years previous to t...
3 months ago
Haha.. Mate, I totally agree with you there. I'm happy for Gerrard cos he could have left and won a lot of trophies somewhere else, but he stayed knowing that ...
That's the point. he has earned it... more than anyone.
Higher than our chances at anfield.
^ or the one against tottenham? a thing of real beauty. form is temporary, class is permanent.
Great tackle that
6 months ago
7 months ago
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