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He's class.. find a way to keep him fit. it is all he needs to get a good run on.
3 years ago
Jimmy milner for me
"ehem what academy and what history again?" yours. uniteds impressive record of competing at top level (history) and buying promising young talent off other en...
The word 'earned' is really overused in this pointless argument now that the words 'academy' and 'history' have been flushed.
Thank you
I can't argue with your logic there tomi :) plus, i probably deserve to have to support a guy like pepe after all the crap i gave my buddies who are liverpool ...
He's a terrible human being though. there's more to life than trophies.
... for 100 million (plus an additional 50 after appearances).
Google knows
^can't argue with that. chelsea's sustainable football model over the past decade has been a shining example for those clubs looking to break even and remain co...
^^HA! Touche my friend.
4 years ago
"How about the club says Yaya stays at the club if that c**t agent is fired." lol.
No one is bigger than the club
^ but not silva and navas. he's only ever gonna be a bit part player until injury hits or rotation time (which doesn't happen often). if he chooses to go i unde...
FFP is an attempt to ensure the rich and powerful stay that way, and prevent others from challenging them. It's pure self interest - as is our objection to it.
Agree! or a salary cap... simple. ffp is a fallacy.
Gotta love uefa. Make rules, clubs abide by them. Change rules and then punish clubs retrospectively for not abiding by the new rules in the years previous to t...
Haha.. Mate, I totally agree with you there. I'm happy for Gerrard cos he could have left and won a lot of trophies somewhere else, but he stayed knowing that ...
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