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Hahaha, you are a huge slime-ball, Cheers mate !
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
I would love to know who writes these articles. so clearly a bias is present in this article, blabbing about every supposed negative impact that Portugal had, b...
I think what people need to realize here is that Portugal is team up to recently that has struggled in their qualifying matches and even friendlies, but we stri...
Hahaha ^ so true ... why would vilanova not want two of some of his best defenders if not his best.
If there is such thing as luck, barca had it today. but there is definitely such a thing as corruption, and watching that game is disgraceful. i dont know if th...
Pepe may be an ass, but your squad ( although consists of many players i love and admire they're skill greatly ) has many "horses" as barca. madrid may be too a...
Me being a huge chelsea fan, of course this will just sound bias, but this was a very lucky game. i like man u, and i take into account they are very talented, ...
Just gave you two cool votes as well mate !
Thanks bro ! you get some cool votes too then haha
Haha, thanks man, i'll return the favour
Bayern Munchen, excellent choice of team to support ;)
2 cool votes for you mate!
Are you talking about world rankings ? because if you are thats 100% incorrect about the leagues having to do with rankings.
Clearly angles show different views, and if you watch it from an angle where you can clearly see his whole body from above then you can see from that game that ...
Porto will win the league, guarantee it.
Or why dont we acknowledge the fact that this game was a very entertaining game from both sides ? and you can clearly tell that was not a handball by albiol bec...
Hmmm yeah you clearly dont know how to make proper use of what you gotta say. clearly winning 1-0 every game does not mean they suck. clearly you didnt watch an...
This is unheard of lol
Somewhere on FootyTube
Honestly nasri is a scumbag, he had no reason to leave arsenal so soon. if it wasnt for wenger and arsenal that guy would not be as big as he is now in the epl....
Hmm maybe casillas and madrid players are getting fed up because barca is a team full of .... divers ? madrid played awesome and respectable yesterday and becau...
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